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    Re: Push To Implement Basic Income For All

    Also a great way to keep us completely stagnant.[/QUOTE]

    I disagree with 'stagnant'... but if we can adopt a mindset of improving someones' ideas for the sake of helping mankind...
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    Re: This Is Really Weird...

    in the first video: (i didnt even bother to watch the second video...)
    the first scene in the convenience store; you can see in the glass door- a reflection of someone coming up that isle… and then...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 5 July 2016

    or as Alex Collier states: We are being watched and helped from other dimensions.

    so.... is the WDS prepared to extend this bounty hunting through several other timelines and dimensions to achieve...
  4. Re: Programmer testifies under oath to being hired to rig elections

    that video was done in 2006; and if they could do that then... think what they can do now- now that there is NO paper ballots to dispute the computerized vote tally.
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    Re: Newbie to "old knowledge"

    Welcome to the clan:

    Here is a link to another Dolores Cannon thread; and my method of self-past-life-regression...
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    Re: Dolores Cannon..

    you can also do what my mother called "the WHAT-IF game"... It helps you bring up forgotten past life information...

    just start with open questions to yourself: and fill in the blanks... what will...
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    Re: Something is afoot...

    Do you have a website to order from to share with us... plz?
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    Re: Something is afoot...

    When the snowstorm hit the Norfolk area on Friday; the bus captain at one of my schools said he never seen anything like clumps of snow in his life... "this is NOT normal snow"... and he had lived in...
  9. Thread: Good News!

    by xbusymom

    Re: Good News!

    People are finding ways to empower disabled persons... this is fantastic!
  10. Poll: Re: Which practical method do you think is most likely to bring positive change to the world?

    I believe that too, but you have to follow that up with physical action- otherwise you are still just as distracted and non-change oriented as the person who is vegitating in front of the boob-tube.
  11. Poll: Re: Which practical method do you think is most likely to bring positive change to the world?

    I think taking action (not protesting, waking people up, or actively resisting and rebelling against the system- because those are all still just non-pro-active activities) is the best bet to...
  12. Re: "Time For Truth " Andrew Basiago for president 2016

    I agree, he may have a hard time actually getting into the presidental office this next term, but I do like what he has to say about getting the truth out and his efforts to get America to revert...
  13. Re: Facebook banning Alfred Lambremont Webre:CoasttoCoast AM: OMNIVERSE & interview

    here are all of his sites...

    basiago for president 2016 (
  14. Re: Facebook banning Alfred Lambremont Webre:CoasttoCoast AM: OMNIVERSE & interview

    From what I understand... He is touting a write-in candidacy... (since he cant afford the $5mil ballot signup to be a bonafide candidate) ... his website(s) ( and...
  15. Re: A New Question about Composing Electronic Music with Solfeggio Frequencies

    I recently came across this info... and The solfeggio tones sounded like the perfect answer to my quest to use healing tones to create background music for my videogame I am developing... I even was...
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    Re: Fibers falling from the sky (chem webs?)

    I think they changed the formula... I have been developing bumps just under the skin where it is exposed to the climate... face, neck and coller-line, and upper-arms. last year I had a problem with a...
  17. Re: Attack on power grid: terrorism, vandalism or false flag?

    Do we have a blogger in our midst??? I would like something 'official' to raise questions about the timeline/locations worldwide for the sheeples, FB friends, etc...
  18. Re: A major must-archive directory of off-grid 'how-to' information

    Thanks for the info... got a copy of it to put on my site...

    and I thought of a way to condense and de-digitize it for the bugout bag...

    -----scan in the pages of...
  19. Re: employment options doing something meaningful..

    Everywhere is hurting for school bus drivers and bus aids. I never thought I would enjoy being a school bus driver, but it is the longest-held job I have ever had, and it is certainly a change from...
  20. Re: The Reason Holistic Doctors Are Being Killed - GcMAF?

    I was curious about that myself. My first response was you are the source of it. And it apparently requires vitamin D to work, so if you are vitamin D deficient you are immunocompromised. So get some...
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