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  1. Re: Would God really send people to hell....

    Yin yang.
    All must be experienced and will be.
    We are all mere fractals of the divine, of the one god, a shard of the ONE essence life itself. There is only ONE life force.

    Good,bad - Up,down -...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    How totally unimaginative !
    What next - Norman Collier impressions ??

    Four day "workshop" ?

    Ha Ha - Dada Dada Dada !

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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    I bet Corey wishes 20 and back was REAL !
    He'd have an out then.
    Welcome to REALITY !
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    Not that interested if he's smoking and high as a kite - it's just all the the LIES that can't be tolerated !
  5. Satellites and spacecraft malfunction as Earth's magnetic field mysteriously weakens

    Scientists are finding that the weakening is causing technical problems for...
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    Hi Aoibhghaire, what was posted at post 30 ?
    Thanks in advance.
    ( I dont get to see the comments sections on any YT vids on my phone for some reason )
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    BIG HOAX - With all due respect theres plenty of if's, but's and maybe's in his very positive assertion that this is ALL a hoax conclusion.
    It may well be, but if all it takes to cover up any...
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    It's almost as if Mr A. J. Gevaerd is filling in what could be some of the missing details knowing his new info would raise enough suspicion that he is being pressured to dismiss the whole event.
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    Why are so few people here not interested in responding to this ?
    What you say Bill - any input ?
    Move on or investigate ?

    Thanks Deneom
  10. Re: Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Revisited

    I'm well versed with L.W's past, the paintings, the fall out with Peter Robin's, his excesses and mood swings etc. A chancer perhaps ( I wouldn't buy a painting from him lol ) but overall a nice guy...
  11. Re: Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Revisited

    That's what I'm inferring - it was a ufo !
    All "excuses" and "explanations" given are "horsesh*t !
    That is why I used "that" 2009 Fertilizer article as just one explanation - it's as if whoever is...
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    Thanks Deneon.
    A great summary of events so far.
    If something has come down which is looking highly likely, it seems they are going to be hard pressed recovering it without witnesses.
    Can I ask...
  13. Re: Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Revisited

    It's just more Horsesh*t !
  14. Re: NASA announces international Artemis Accords to standardize Moon Exploration

    Nice of NASA to make some rules for everyone, but they're to late - I made some last week for them to sign up to ! :happythumbsup:
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    Thank you very much Palehorse.
    Something has definitely happened there - but what exactly ?
    Sounds like whatever it is, removing it is going to be a problem now that the word is out.
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    A bit of UK msm coverage.

    UFO sighting: Thousands witness 'UFO crash' in Brazil amid Google Maps 'cover-up'
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    Pale horse, can you...
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    Can anyone translate what is being said in the above video please ?

    The story seems to be that something was brought down.
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    Re: Bob Lazar and Area 51 Revisited

    If anything I think he may be misdirecting within the confines of the truth - "gravity amplifiers" and "triangular slabs of element 115 as a power source may well in reality turn out to be a lump of...
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    Re: Bob Lazar and Area 51 Revisited

    If that is the case (Duping another State Nation ) then there must be plenty of known factual information contained within such "stories" as to lend credence to the disinformation being seeded. There...
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