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    Re: Media blackballs 'O'....hmmmm

    They've never been in "O's" pocket. Surprised you didn't know that. They couldn't stop his support from the American voters who put him in. They couldn't keep the narrative of war, because he's...
  2. Re: Former British Intel Operative Andrea Davison, on the run for exposing child sex abuse 19 Nov 2014

    There may be UN members infiltrated also, but I feel that perhaps the ICC should check the people the get the reports and do extensive backrounds on their "off duty behaviors" to ensure they aren't...
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    Re: Tiles with morphing faces

    You're purging past life history that has bound you here in guilt. It's time for it to go. Observe it as if in a telescope when you see them and with each pray on the visions. These are souls...
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    Re: Apologies to Frangipani Spirit

    When I have to prune my grapevine or citrus trees, I tell them why, so perhaps you can pray to God to ask him to understand the innocence of a child, that isn't aware, awake or understands. Your...
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    Re: The Ultimate Jehovah Thread

    I know just last week two JW came to pass out leaflets in our neighborhood. Usually I talk to them and run by a few things that have awakened others. This particular time I saw them just pulling...
  6. Re: So much for Global Warming, Buffalo Record Snowfall

    I really feel that people need to seriously study global warming and the effects/results. WE are witnessing a merging of seasons, where planting seasons are shorter and cooler sunshine on the crops...
  7. Re: Avalon Member Asks for Suggestions and Healing

    PS. Stop eating the fatty cow meat. If it stuck in the cows muscles and body, it will stick in yours.
    Fish, chicken, tuna, salmon for omega good fats, veggies steamed, baked potatoes, tropical...
  8. Re: Avalon Member Asks for Suggestions and Healing

    Look into the "onion's" chemicals that induce sleep. I put them in salads, and heavily in soups and I tell you those chemicals induce sleep. Orange juice makes our family sleepy when we have it...
  9. Re: Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology (Michael tellinger)

    Dune? MoooooaaaabbbDEEE!!!! LOL.
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    Re: Upon death: then what?

    I was led to the Apocrypha, and there are also books on Adam Eve and God's relationship in detail. Adam was devestated to be kicked out of the garden to the point the cherub sent to guard the gate...
  11. Re: Earth's Ten Most Mysterious Lost Worlds

    Thank you they are beautiful. I hope one day I get to do some traveling to such points.
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    Re: Ode to a Canine King

    My dog the Bubbis, was a mixed chow, shepherd, and rock-pincer. He was an excellent companion for my husband, after the pup's father had to be turned in. He kept scaling 8-10 feet fences and...
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    Re: Little Help Please (aloe vera)

    I used it on deodenal ulcer burning stomach, when anethesia wore off after an operation. The chemicals used to put me to sleep tore a hole in my stomach ulcer, and the pain was so bad, I couldn't...
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    Re: Little Help Please (aloe vera)

    Buy the plant, use the leaf. I have 8 of them and they sprout babies. You should have them in your house, like you have anticeptic. They are wonder plants also with their burn soothing and pain...
  15. Re: Amazing lunar wave captured by crrow77 now confirmed

    Well perhaps they are putting the same stuff they use on projection screens up at night to hide the Moon, if it's become like sack cloth? just joking but seriously, it looks like a radar screen...
  16. Re: Australia taught a lesson in manners by Russian warships

    He told them that the future could not allow those who are perpetrating war, and blaming it on Russia, to go unpunished. I believe he means to have justice for the slander to war that has Russia...
  17. Re: Australia taught a lesson in manners by Russian warships

    Putin looks like he's trying real hard, not to bust out laughing in this fool's face.
    Putin: "Oh really? Do you know I have a bathroom, bigger than your country?"
  18. Re: 707 foodbanks rise of 613% since Cameron became PM (chunkymark aka the artist taxi driver)

    Who feeds the poor, homeless and jobless? The non-profits, right? Charities, churches under the synagogue, eh? So what better way to have GMO's fed to those they deem useless eaters of society? ...
  19. Re: Portable water-powered generators go into production in Canada

    It is not. Just because people have stocks in oil energy sources, does not make this technology fake. It's been around since late 80's and blocked from patent.
    If you believe in our generation's...
  20. Re: Are two cigar shaped UFOs near International Space Station part of First Contact?

    Or as I and a few others say "ptw" powers that were.
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