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  1. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    I lost my sister and father 2 days apart in November of 2002. My sister had pancreas cancer and my father had colon cancer and advanced heart disease. I provided a large part of their primary care...
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    Re: Sci Fi/ Fantasy Adult Chick Flicks

    Delight, I just absolutely love this thread. I have found some movies that are jewels I can't believe I missed and revisited some I've seen already but had forgotten about. Very entertaining stuff...
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    Re: Saving people from suicide is instinctual

    Much, much love to you Sandy. My heart just breaks for you and your family. Sounds like you two have been very close. I know how thankful you must be for that time now. I can also sympathize with the...
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    Re: How to spot the aliens that walk among us..

    I don't see <8> being condescending to you or the others who are trying to force him to agree with you. I'm not sure I understand why it's so important to you for him to understand just how *right*...
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    Re: Ideas for Avalon

    I actually think this is a wonderful idea Strat and can see great value in what you suggest. Chocolate, it sounds like you have a neighbor who is a mechanic that you can trust. That is wonderful and...
  6. Thread: Back again

    by Kindling

    Re: Back again

    Hey Girlie!! Glad you're back :hug:. You're only about 3 hours from me now. I lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area a lot when I was growing up. Looks like you are close to Ft. Worth but I've never been...
  7. Re: Excellent - 2014 Aliens, Ufo's, Annunaki. The Ultimate question?

    Really good video Sheme. Thanks for sharing!! Covers many aspects of this complex material in a way that is surprisingly easy to understand, just excellent in my opinion.
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    Re: Sci Fi/ Fantasy Adult Chick Flicks

    This is an awesome thread Delight!! So far I've watched Timescape – Distaster in Time, Quest for Love, The Lathe of Heaven, and The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan. I'm going to watch Serenity next lol...
  9. Re: Extraterrestrial Technologies I have witnessed

    Hi Omni!! So great to see you! Very interesting. Hope you remember more and continue to update.

    -Done via technology/AI(I believe its a myth that ETs converse amongst each other...
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    Re: Your Opinion On the Best UFO Spokespersons?

    I agree with TSmith, Richard Dolan for sure. Good thread. I'm going to check out some of the others mentioned :thumb:.
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    Re: Animal mass-die-offs of 2013

    This is really interesting and I'm very curious about these deaths. Looking at the map, I just wonder if they are reporting "all" mass deaths even if they are in unpopular areas and not reported on...
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    Re: Request for pure intent, love, and healing

    Mindfully and with pure intent, I'll be sending healing energy, peace, and the strength to successfully navigate through this situation. I bet the diagnosis was shocking to you. I'm sure you'll get...
  13. Re: The festive season approaches - how much landfill will you be buying ...

    Great idea Karika. Well, I still have a daughter at home and would have a difficult time not giving her the one thing she asks for at Christmas time. She usually gets to ask for one thing that's...
  14. Re: The Host 2013 ....Movie.....Uplifting scy - fy with little...weepyness for the girls..LOL

    I loved this book and couldn't wait to see the movie. I enjoyed the movie too. Like Golden Lady said it is written by Stephenie Myer who also wrote the Twilight series so I wasn't sure what to...
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    Re: Addiction Game

    "There was a time when I was unable to help people, now I can and I have. I have because I have not stepped back .

    I have no respect for their addiction, but I do have respect for their humanity."...
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    Re: Addiction Game

    Thanks for this thread Dorjezigzag. It seems to me that addiction has been the crisis of our times. It's so personal and so painful. And very effective at targeting those who are the most talented...
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    Re: Sitting in the hospital (Brian has left us)

    Shezbeth, your post made me smile :). I'm sure it made Brian smile, too. I miss him everyday. I am so incredibly grateful for all the time I spent with Brian. He was such a true friend, such a truly...
  18. Re: Inspirational First Post from Fairy Friend and healing her grandson of autism

    Hi Fairy Friend, I enjoyed reading your post!! So happy to hear about your grandson's improvements. Awesome! Welcome to Avalon :-)
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    Re: The Complete Farce of Seattle Municipal Court: An Inside Look at "Justice Served" (Marijuana)

    Wow Tesla, thanks so much for the update. I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing :(. So trapped in the ****ing system, huh?! You seem to be doing all that you can at this point...
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    Re: When Will They Land?

    :hug:Lol Thunder!! :behindsofa:
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