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    Re: Trump's Sickness?

    Almost all anti-Trumpers NEVER offer an alternative or why they offer an alternative, which is how liberals theses days masticate.
  2. Re: Do you think its possible that Trump is the 3rd Antichrist?

    no. not a chance
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    Hillary In Prison 2016 video

    Had some fun making this - although after awhile I'd feel nauseous looking at her that long that I'd have to have a rest lol.

    My fav part is the Stalinbot V Mao ...anyway enjoy!

  4. Re: 19 Nov 2015 - Footpads and Footprints: Humans and Machine Meet on the Moon

    and over 40 years later you didn't go back? pfft
  5. Re: Art Bell w/ Dr. Steven Greer on Midnight in the Desert, 14.10.2105

    the truth is a bitter pill to swallow for some - and Bill is SPOT ON. wake up - Greer is just a con man.
  6. Re: Art Bell w/ Dr. Steven Greer on Midnight in the Desert, 14.10.2105

    Greer : I am the man I know it all . My uncle built Apollo1. I know stuff. I showed you a real (fake) ET. I charge (heavily) by the second. I am the man. Look a light in the sky - it must be Et, I...
  7. Re: Art Bell w/ Dr. Steven Greer on Midnight in the Desert, 14.10.2105

    No offense but I stopped Greer (ego money) information years ago - I mean the guy is working for the Clintons/Rockerfellas - what does that tell you?
  8. Re: Look what I just found on UFO Moon Rising video!

    I remember the "oh my god" moment when I saw my 1st anomaly on zee moon and it terrified me! lol.

    Now I'm STILL waiting for the truth to be told - makes you wonder how the pioneers back in the...
  9. Re: Alex Collier LIVE Webinar - Friday August 14th, 2015!

    Hey James, Thanks for setting this up. good stuff.

    Where can we ask questions if we cannot view Alex live (4am Australia time) ? Also how does it work - once you pay what happens?
    One of...
  10. Re: Aliens on the Moon - The Truth Exposed


    my personal fave
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    Re: A Strange Woman Walking On Mars?

    that's pretty trippy what would the size of the woman be?
  12. Re: No Alien base on the other side. I am disappointed.

    the whole thing is a base.
  13. Re: What happened to Kerry Cassidy on 24-25 April, 2015

    Love to Kerry. Thank you for all your work, and it is the people like you that have helped people like me understand a whole lot of what we were never to know.
  14. Re: Mozilla Firefox kills Adobe Flash by default

    Anyone give a layman reason why they are doing this? eg. how does it pose a security risk?
  15. Re: May 11th 2015: David Icke on the Alex Jones Show

    Brilliant interview. These 2 united is a huge thing.
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    Re: Is dolores cannons work for real?

    It's not the run of the mill hypnosis - it's in her own words different.

    When the client goes under (with an induction only practitioners are to use) - the client connects with what Dolores...
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    Re: Is dolores cannons work for real?

    Did level 1 in 2012 with Dolores - awesome stuff. Have done around 40 regressions with many past lives from inatimate objects to ET themselves - all unique and special sessions. Had one preformed on...
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    Re: Knowing

    There is a ton of diversions going on from what in my opinion is needed - ET open contact globally (without all the false flag ET invasion scenarios). Basically universal/cosmic truth for Earth.
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    Re: Knowing

    OK i guess all is not lost - was a bit cynical yesterday too. I will say even today some older guy looked like a vet introduced himself and straight into Roswell ETs and so on - that was quite...
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    Re: the inner self

    Wow that's strange - without looking at this thread I pretty much posted the same thing. I got a feeling that didn't happen by chance. I agree we should all "know" by now. Figuring it out - it's the...
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