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    Re: John Judge is dead

    Everyone dies eventually, it's just nature's way. Or is it?
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    Re: Suffering; A weird type of Grace....

    That's the spirit michael. First of all thank you for sharing your experience. How wonderful it is to be so positive and turn your pain and suffering into an advantage. Here is something for you to...
  3. Re: Khyla of Procyon explains the Grays' Agenda (from Val Valerian's MATRIX II)

    That's right. It's a very good question. However not all of us do not recall past life events. I for instance, and I am certain, many others, could remember certain things about a past life. I don't...
  4. Re: Khyla of Procyon explains the Grays' Agenda (from Val Valerian's MATRIX II)

    Tough love DeDukshyn, eh. You could definitely show more love without the toughness in the equation my friend. I know that after a while things get repetitive and seem to be boring, but that is the...
  5. Re: Khyla of Procyon explains the Grays' Agenda (from Val Valerian's MATRIX II)

    We won't "see" benevolents until after our work is mostly done. They are working only on very subtle levels - blowing winds of change into the vibration frequencies of human endeavours. It has to be...
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    This is an interesting finding, if it is a one. Could this be why the USA is so frantic about having control over the so called Middle east?
  7. Re: Conditions Native to Outer Planets That May Quickly Give Rise to Life Forms

    This is an excellent point TWS. Indeed most people do concentrate on securing food, spending money and/or accumulating wealth (possessions), the more the better. This is because of the insecurities...
  8. Re: URGENT! It will be here soon! Please be AWARE (The Growth of the Internet)

    Hi MalteseKnight. Thank you for the interesting video clip. Cheers
  9. Re: strange aerial object captured by Ecuador's Reventador volcano-camera

    We ran the photos through Photoshop and the result was inconclusive. It could well be an unedited recording. That's all.
  10. Re: strange aerial object captured by Ecuador's Reventador volcano-camera

    Good eye Rocky, I´ve also blown up the photo in Paint and Windows photo viewer. There appears to be a lot of distortion especially below the object as though an invisible force were being exerted...
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    So what is this thread really about? Child abuse in Islam, Women's validity in Islam or what? I am lost now. I call for moderator's attention to this matter please.
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    The photo of Iraqi women does not match the title of the thread. The banners in the photos address per-arranged marriages and female child abuse.
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    This is like saying we should stop wind from blowing because it is interfering with our hair style.
    Anyway it's not for the Islamic group, Baptist group or any other religious group to deem other...
  14. Re: More proof we could be living in a holographic Universe

    Old school tactics? sure. Tried and works? sure. It's a crude and cheap representation of a holographic technology, but it works. It made people smile and that smile was brought to you by the...
  15. Re: 6th-Century Monastery with Elaborate Mosaics Unearthed in Israel

    It's beautiful, if genuine.

    I really think that they should keep it where they found it and refrain from moving it to another location. Also they should build a protective construct around it...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan!

    A very happy birthday Bill. Sorry for being late.
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    Re: Love came second

    Who is to say that boredom is just a human feeling? I know that at higher states of the so called mind, there is no boredom whatsoever, nor there is the so called love. There is just knowing and...
  18. Re: The Ordinary Magical Life: Conversation with David Allany and Christian Stolle from Project Avalon

    I couldn't have done it without Chris's help. He travelled all the way to Ecuador to do what he best does, lighting up candels of hope in the darkest places. Thank you again and again for the...
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    Re: How to reduce the human population ???

    How often do we forget our insignificance as Earthlings within the bio-suits called bodies, compared to the vastness of the universe. Our limited intellectual prowess, our imaginary self importance,...
  20. Re: Scientists Report Teleportation of Physical Objects From One Location To Another

    It´s easier to just move the consciousnesses to a copy of the body, a better copy while at it, too.
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