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    Re: Ancient Structures Alignment

    Is this center point the infamous Black Pyramid of Alaska? I followed the link but did not find any mention of this. Food for thought.
  2. Re: Is it time to start considering "Lifeboat Communities"?

    These are excellent points to consider. It hard to wrap my head around what would be needed. I'd like to stock a bug-out backpack in the event of, so your items are on my list now. I'd rather have...
  3. Aether Energy, Sensing and distribution by "Spiral Resonance" of the aether

    I have developed a new way to sense the aether energy. Aether energy is a force that gives the life force to all life forms. It's an energy field that flows throughout the galaxy. It surrounds us...
  4. Is it time to start considering "Lifeboat Communities"?

    There are so many challenges and changes lately politically and with population growth escalating, global warming, threats of plagues and catastrophes, etc. that I wonder if it isn't worth...
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    Good awareness article about how chronic this disease is and how prevalent the disease can persist in the SAD (standard American diet) that many of us were brought up on. If the human body came with...
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