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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    "Hijacked high technology crashed into/used in an attempt to bring down a well established civilization"
    I opened my eyes chuckling at the last line spoken " those nerds didn't actually think...
  2. Re: $21 Trillion in the red. Where DID all the money go?

    You know where the money went, it is all right in front of us, we just can't prove What they actually spent on What. It's not cheap paying spies, blowing up drone bombs, buying weapons to sell at a...
  3. Re: WARNING! AI Is Not What People Think It Is!

    Wes Penre does this in anyway relate to Ashayana Deane's Wesadix ( spelling) matrix theory of once you tune your souls energy to it your trapped in it?AQ-ZaU6FHNw
  4. Re: California now the least educated state; dead last in high school graduates

    I find in funny that both California And New York Think of themselves as more sophisticated than Texas.. Yet more people in Texas can read..
  5. Re: Intelligence Community Perpetrating Framing & Slander

    Why? Why use something as sophisticated as mind/thought altering/influencing technology to "frame" you. What importance to the world or threat do you as one individual pose? I admit I haven't...
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    Re: Elisa Lam Documentary

    This was done by two human men with the influence of a specific entity that claims "domain" over this hotel. What draws so many predators to this hotel? actions and rituals done over many years. We...
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    MSM Main Stream Media still exists because 60 - 70% of the world population are mental zombies, they believe what the MSM force feeds them. These 60-70% mental zombies refuse to wake up even when...
  8. Re: Charles Manson dies aged 83 after four decades in prison....20/11/17

    Charlie was Nobody, the Media made him a Somebody.
  9. Re: The Truth about 'Pete' Peterson, David Wilcock, the foreclosure, the dead cats, and GoFundMe

    When I first viewed the PP interview it left me with two questions/thoughts.
    1) this is too good to be true, could PP be a plant to discredit anyone using his information as truth?

    2) PP...
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    Re: Angels: Good, Bad or Ugly?

    In my experience, angels are higher density beings lowering their vibration to interact with beings on this plain of existence, They rarely lower their vibration to interact with humans for mundane...
  11. Re: No One In The Royal Family Wants The Throne...

    I'll take it got Irish Scottish and Icelandic Royal blood in my veins.. So if they are giving it up I'll definitely take a crack at it, can't say I'll be a kind king though :) There would be some...
  12. Re: How to Curb All Inflammation in Your Body

    For those who don't like smoking pot there is always edibles or extracts that are high in CBD's low in THC's so your not a walking hippie zombie.. :bigsmile:
  13. Re: The Orange Titanic and the call of Justin Trudeau...

    Admins please lock or delete this obvious hit piece not ment to start conversation, just Trump bashing..
    P.S. I am a Canadian Who made a mistake and voted for our Cuck Prime Minister.
  14. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 27 Feb, 2017 - Battle to free humanity accelerates in US Japan Israel Korea and elsewhere

    Lucifer returned to Our fathers arms years ago, citing being tired of being blamed for the atrocities human souls do to themselves, Lucifer was just a teacher humans twisted his image.. I know this...
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    Re: Trump this, Trump that, Go have a walk!

    HaHa! the trees will sacrifice themselves to crush your house or car , the plants you eat will poison themselves just to poison you for poisoning them and the animals and birds will screech and...
  16. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 5 December, 2016 - dominoes keep falling, Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy down, Xi, Putin, Abe and Merkel now targeted

    Bill this picture and trailer are nothing compared to what you can find on the dark web, IE: live snuffs, rapes, tortures, if this picture disturbs you or anyone here DO NOT try and "check out...
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    Re: Soucouyant

    There isn't one devil/Satan there are many, the one formerly known as Lucifer no longer resides/vibrates in the lower frequencies. The name Lucifer has been hijacked/Usurped by a consortium of...
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    Re: Obama presidency outed by Jimmy Dore

    Jimmy Dore is an absolute jackass, (the rest of TYT are even worse) but he is right on point about Obama and his policies.
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    Re: If reincarnation is true...

    Book of Nerd 1010:1 (not to be confused with the Book of Geek)

    Think of reincarnation like this,
    Your soul is a sim card,
    Your body is the cell phone,
    this current line of phones(body) has...
  20. Re: Rense radio; has Trump already been compromised?

    It's wise of him to not mention anything about a special prosecutor/charges/ grand jury until he is sworn in. If he is showing a softening it'll be because the Demorats are causing some serious...
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