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  1. Re: Vladimir Putin's got an "Ace up his sleeve" against the CABAL???

    This article sounds like something that a journalism student would write. It's disjointed and lacks context.

    But the saddest part of all is people defending this clever piece of misinfo (not...
  2. Pope admits there is no hell, adam and eve are not real (Satire - see Post #28)

    Francis scares the orthodox types because he dares to tread where no other pope has in modern history.

    In reality, I'll believe him when I see it.
  3. Sticky: Re: Why Are the Bankers and Ex-Intel Types Running For Their Lives? (Confirmed for MONTHS by my vanishing sources)

    ALL are known conservative/right wing websites. That immediately discredits this information in my mind.

    I don't like the energy that this thread is putting out.
  4. Re: Pacific Ocean: "Reports of My Death Have Been Extremely Exaggerated"

    I no longer bother linking to anything from Natural News. They are trying to drum up fear to convince people to purchase their products.
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    Re: Crazy Weather

    In my corner of Vermont, temps were frequently as low as -8, -9 degrees F several mornings.

    I dread the bitter cold.
  6. Re: UFO sightings among my family/friends

    I can't say anything about abductions but I still feel that the circumstances surrounding my hearing loss were mysterious, if not fully explained. Family cannot explain it other than the way of a...
  7. Re: From the 1976 film 'Network' - "I'm As Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore!"

    I've been "mad as hell" for as long as I've been alive, including past lives. ;)
  8. UFO sightings among my family/friends

    I've been thinking about this for a long time now.

    A friend of mine told me about an UFO sighting that she had. I think my mother witnessed something very similar. They claim that they saw UFOs...
  9. Re: Video: Mr. Lyndon Larouch claims Federal Court Indicts President Obama and he will not see the end of his second term

    Oh look, it's that kooky LaRouche and his inane ramblings.

    Christopher Story was a better pen name and unlike anything LaRouche has claimed, Story was right.
  10. Re: Patrick Geryl: 21 December was wrong. In March the world ends

    I call this an act of desperation on part of the new-age hucksters.

    Now that 12/21/12 was a bust, they'll stop at nothing to create new dates and fool even more people.

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    Re: Overthrow Ecuador Gov't

    The more I hear about the CIA's involvement in these matters, the more I'm convinced that the true enemy is not the people they target, but rather the CIA themselves.
  12. Re: Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

    So what's the issue then, with Soros that is?

    I see conservatives harp on about how "evil" he is and they usually cite sensationalist sources like LaRouche, etc.
  13. Re: Discovery of maya calendar is a game changer for doomsayers

    It's the end of this horrific world as we know it.

    The awakening, not destruction, of the masses.
  14. Re: Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

    Vermont may be one of the next to do so. It's gaining ground at least where I live as an initiative to legalize has passed.
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    Re: Fluoridation of Salt - WTF ?

    I still use iodized salt whenever I'm cooking or adding salt to foods.

    I think that and my use of water that's been filtered free of fluoride are two key factors in my creative output as of late.
  16. Re: The Shift: "We Are in 5 D" Dolores Cannon

    Ridding oneself of negative influence is one way of "cleansing" at this point.
  17. Attn TPTB: Ban me, but you will never silence me!

    This is a fair warning to anyone who likes to stifle and suppress and prevent people with unpopular opinions from expressing them.

    You are not above the people who contribute to the discussions!
  18. Re: [VERY GRAPHIC!] - Hey America - YOU DID THIS...!

    Do tell your perception of what this thread does not do for Avalon. Why are we full of anxiety in the US about child porn and the subject of child slaughter should be left unseen and unspoken? This...
  19. Re: Almost a Total Surface Ice Melt in Greenland in 4 Days


    How much more proof do people need of climate change?

    It's been a hot summer too.

    AGW deniers on here, what say you?

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤
  20. Re: [VERY GRAPHIC!] - Hey America - YOU DID THIS...!

    This thread takes the cake as far as using (more like abusing) pictures of dead children to point a finger at Obama.

    You won't rest until you can equate the man with Hitler, right jackovesk?
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