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  1. Re: Goodbye, Oil: US Navy Cracks New Renewable Energy Technology To Turn Seawater Into Fuel

    Wonder if it works similar to this:

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    Re: Curiousity Captures Mars Light Anomaly

    These things do happen:
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    Warden is an interesting word choice.
    Not so much about keeping things out as keeping them in?
  4. Re: Mass Consciousness: Can we change the News?

    Another interesting question might be:

    Mass Conciousness: can the news change us?
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    Re: Bogus news reporting in action

    Conan and Craig Ferguson are two talk show hosts who punch enough holes in the veil, in a very tongue-in-cheek way, that you can really see how some of these large media corporations organize things...
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    Re: Sci Fi/ Fantasy Adult Chick Flicks

    I think my top ten has easily been covered in this thread, great suggestions all over the place.

    These are more abstract than scifi I guess...

    "The Nines" with Ryan Reynolds and Megan McCarthy...
  7. Re: Scientists Report Teleportation of Physical Objects From One Location To Another

    I've been curious what might happen if you could do this to a "field of atoms"[sic], like a shell, and what would happen to something within this shell of entanglement.
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    Re: My ashtray is magnetized

    Iron stoves often become magnetized due to the metal heating and the molecules aligning to the natural magnetic north/south grid--in much the same way you 'bake' copper plates to make solar cells.
  9. Re: Kerry Cassidy: U.S run by Space Aliens/Nazis..!

    Meme machines.
    I always found it odd that memetics came so very close to being considered an academic study only to be dropped for becoming too controversial.
  10. Re: Are National Parks A Cover For Underground Alien Bases?
    Definitely some interesting alignments.

    I think this is the correct one; not 100% sure though.
  11. Pope admits there is no hell, adam and eve are not real (Satire - see Post #28)

    the video you're referring to:

    I feel most things that attempt to tackle religion --or any philosophy for that matter-- also attempt to only approach only the most fundamentalist and...
  12. Pope admits there is no hell, adam and eve are not real (Satire - see Post #28)

    When you look out a dirty window, you see the world through a dirty window. You react to the world as if it is as you see it through a dirty window.

    The thing I laugh the most about, especially...
  13. Pope admits there is no hell, adam and eve are not real (Satire - see Post #28)

    Senior Vatican Priest.
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    Re: Holo-gravitic buoyancy drive

    Forgive the video, it's the only one I have handy with this image. You can mute it and watch the first few seconds, the pulsating imaging of fields. Are these the two pulsating fields playing off...
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    Re: Holo-gravitic buoyancy drive

    At first I was thinking, because the field looks like two stacked toruses, that the lines could be lines of force ejecting out the top and bottom of the fields with such high energy they produce...
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    Re: Holo-gravitic buoyancy drive

    Could running a charge through a spinning ball of water, stacked with another -- and spinning opposite -- generate the correct fields?
  17. Re: Huge object in Seattle halts mega ton drilling machine

    I live in seattle and have been watching this project progress since it first started being talked in terms of a lite rail.

    It has been quite dissonant around public information the entire time...
  18. Re: Chilling 'HOWLING' traced to New 'One World Trade Centre'..!!!

    On proportional number encodings; check this out:
  19. Re: Qatar accidentally builds 'Vagina' stadium for World Cup...

    The eye is also a reception mechanism.

    I would start watching for the trappings of a ritual. I suspect we'll be seeing the world cup go the way of occult displays like the olympics.
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    Re: Taiwan Special Forces Unveil Scary New Look

    Instantly made me think of the old Mitchell and Webb Sketch...
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