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    Re: Boron/Borax

    More good info on Borax. Thanks WhiteFeather.
  2. Re: The economic train wreck (was "Lindsey Williams warning of May 2014")

    I'm guessing Williams is already hard at work with his predictions for the calamity that will ensure during 2016...............after that in 2015 fails to manifest. ;)
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    Re: Conspiracy: The Mystery Mid-West Illness

    Whatever, I've bought a nebulizer and will treat my family with ionic silver and H2O3 breathing treatments if any of us contract a strange virus. Inhaled iodine or baking soda is also great for...
  4. Re: INDONESIA: APE MAN creature shot down in Borneo jungle

    Is this the creature, shaved of all facial hair? <sheepish grin>
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    Re: Common Core in America " once more"

    There was a video on this forum with a parent addressing the city council on Common Core. She gave them a math problem and most solved the problem in 4 or 5 steps. She then demonstrated that with...
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    Re: Iodine & Lugols Solution

    Where did Arrowwind go? :(
  7. Re: NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sungazing

    Do you believe it re-structures the water to that of natural spring water? Have you heard that using a blue bottle enhances the energies in the water? Having true, clean water may be one of our best...
  8. Re: Joe Dispenza and others...Healing and the Body as an Instrument of Consciousness

    "Shut the F up, shut the F up..." Great mantra, love it.

    I have read and watched the fellows in this tread for years. My logical mind accepts the ideas and concepts. My heart is struggling with a...
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    Re: How do you best use MMS?

    Correct Bluemuffin, the issue of gut (and body) bacteria is complicated. All parts of the body contain bacteria, perhaps thousands of strains. Supplementing with probiotics is a first step, but not a...
  10. Re: EBOLA - A Manufactured Crisis in 2014, Dept of Defense Bio Weapon

    This idea has been around since the great debate between Louis Pasteur and Antoine Beauchamp. "The terrain is everything". Had the ideas of Beauchamp been embraced modern medicine would be very, very...
  11. Re: Experiment: co-create tomorrow today/ Urgent - Your energy is needed!

    I'm in! Read Lynn McTaggard's books on the power of intention. Powerful stuff indeed.
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    Re: My Friend needs prayers now!

    Brian, love and blessings! Please do not despair, many love you and care about you.
  13. Re: Flu vaccines to be offered to all primary school pupils

    This just breaks my heart wide open. When will sanity and logic prevail?
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    Re: W.Africa: Ebola Infected, No Where to Go

    The W.H.O. should be more accurately labeled W.H.O.r.e.s for the pharmaceutical paradigm.
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    Google/CIA operation directive 390.32a: Attention primary control agents and interoperative mechanics! Detail 6 to known address and commence sensory amendment, with full spectrum chip implant...
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    Re: India's 'the Nine Unknown Men'

    Thanks, that website (biblio...) has a TON of good reading.
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    Re: "Seek But Do Not Find"

    What better way to separate us from our essence and truth than to teach us we are born in sin and made of dirt. The fear can be overcome by allowing it to exist, then watching as it evaporates....
  18. Re: Type 1 one Diabetes. The pancreas can be regenerated, natural herbs....

    Can you elaborate? What brand or price range for the scope? Man o man, you can find lots of debunkers when searching. My favorite is I routinely email him with all manner of...
  19. Re: Open Letter To Julian Assange: Curing Heart Disease and Arrhythmia with Nutrition

    Do not forget quality B vitamins. Many heart ailments are pre-stage Beri beri.
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    Re: The ice bucket challenge. Would you?

    A worthy cause, just misdirected. No medical authority has any interest in curing ANYTHING. These vile money raising schemes are of the lowest vibration, simply a mechanism to suck more patients into...
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