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  1. Re: 24 Drones Work Together As One Larger Machine

    Exactly Bill , I look for advances in science and technology concerning Hench's prophecies where robotic killing machines gain AI and the military loses control of them... Then enter the human\pig...
  2. Re: What most people believe that is false...

    I believe all 31 are false... humans have been decieved on many levels, Immanuel was never called Jesus, matter of fact the same spirit is fought over for eons , evil men corrupted teachings to...
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    Re: Any good alien race?

    The plejarens , the Timars , the Soneans, are good off world races ... Part of the plejaren mission here on earth is to warn earth humans about going into space carrying a club , for many races carry...
  4. Re: Do alien civilizations have "one world government"?

    The plejaren federation is 3.5 billion members , many races from many galaxies, all under the Andromeda high council, a council of half spirit half material biengs 50-60 billion years old ... the...
  5. Re: Latest superbowl commercials - and something odd about one of them

    Yep , it was an in your face awake ones ... illuminate taunting ... they know we know, we know they know we know , stop them we must ...
  6. Re: LOST CIVILIZATION: 15,000 Year Old Unknown Chapter in Human History // Babylonians tracked Jupiter...

    50,000 years ago human beings could cross the dimension door, come here, mingle with the locals , build Atlantis, and lemuria, create cosmic war on three planets and destroy everything, the few...
  7. Re: Scientists discover people who are awake can influence dreams of sleeping people using telepathy - article

    The thoughts of the human being can influence/affect reality ... the might of the thoughts, as a man thinketh so is he , lo the kingdom of heaven is within you, like a wave on the ocean , thoughts...
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    Re: Alex Jones and Planet X Resurges

    The ETs say its a comet and not a planet, also it carries no life forms ... make of it what you will ...
  9. Re: Leak Project: Richard C. Hoagland - The Artificial Moons of our Solar System, Ancient Astronauts

    Gotta chime in on this , if I could only tell Richard a story , and let him look at the. Science, look at history , and put it all together , so many of his qestions and theories would reconcile ......
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    Re: Resonant Frequency Breakthrough

    Vibrations have many medical applications , the ETs say , they can heal broken bones in minutes using only vibrations always comes back to frequency and vibration ... we are on our way ...
  11. Re: When you're thinking of bugging out? Better think again....

    This is why Nasa pictures released to the public are a joke ... the Saturn team turned the camera away from Saturn and took a picture of the team in the parking lot here on earth - clear as day...
  12. Re: Obama proposes $10.00 per barrel tax on oil

    Obama won't be happy until America looks like the south side of Chicago. .. he really should stay out of the business world and stick to making speeches. ..
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    Re: Robert O. Dean Interview

    He helped me get started in my search , I had a minor surgery and was stuck home for three weeks, so digging around the web I found an interview he did and it has been a wild ride ever since ... Bob...
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    Re: Edgar Mitchell, 6th man on the moon, dies

    Something about his demeanor, he told the truth as much as the constraints on him would allow ... he was a patroit , and a member of a very small circle... he will be missed ... seems we are losing...
  15. Re: Obama proposes $10.00 per barrel tax on oil

    I suspect Obama is going to spend his last year legacy building and preparing for his library... We the people really don't matter now... The great awakening is our saving grace, they can use old...
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    Re: What's Your Biggest Regret?

    You still can... If you can create art, do it , if you can build build it , we have today and no promise of tomorrow...
  17. Re: Strange Phenomena: THIS RIVER IS NOT WATER !

    I don't think people are denying climate change as "change is constant" everything changes all the time. What most aware people are denying is the alleged cause of the climate change as shove to the...
  18. Re: Suspicious Structure on Moon | China National Space Administration

    It looks like a base of operations for who knows what ... I do know earth humans are the only ones stupid enough to clump everything close together so sinkholes, quakes , and sheer pressure can take...
  19. Re: Reviewing older UFO footage from 2011 to make a future documentary.

    Oregon, hmmm , that's where the government is very interested in grabbing land , do they know something we dont know ???
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    Re: What's Your Biggest Regret?

    Regret is a product of fear ... you didn't follow your dream for fear of failure or whatever ... ive been a sonwriter since 17yrs old , got my first deal for one song at 18 , my songs have travelled...
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