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  1. Re: Don't be a Rabbit in the Headlights: Reincarnation discussions

    I recently had a past life regression. I only managed to view one past life on Earth. I was also shown the location of my first life on Earth and introduced to my spirit guide. The only other life I...
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    Merry Everything and a Happy Always to you all 🤗
  3. Re: Jim Marrs: the definitive presentation on the JFK assassination

    Thank you for this link Bill.
    I'm on a Jim Marrs hit at the moment after reading your post on another thread listing all his books. I've just finished Psi Spies and moved onto Our Occulted History....
  4. Re: MANCHESTER ENGLAND: Explosions at UK Ariana Grande Concert

    Im from Manchester, I can confirm children and adults did die in this atrocity. Real children, real parents, grandparents. Friends of friends, children of friends. This was very real.

  5. Re: How many good news threads do we have on Avalon today?
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    Re: Media becoming increasingly vile?

    I think that's a tempting way to look at it....


    Facebook is the scorpion ;)

    LOTS of scorpions around these days...
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    Re: Media becoming increasingly vile?

    Hi Starlight :wave:
    I often debate disconnecting from Facebook. It has its plus and negative points for sure. I love to be able to keep in touch with close friends, old friends and family that I...
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    Re: Why Modern Art is Absolute Crap

    Anyone can be a modern artist these days, all you have to do is shock and create controversy and it sells en-mass. Raw talent of the basic arts is sadly no longer a necessity...whether it be painters...
  9. Re: What is Avalon's overall opinion on David Icke??

    I've always liked David Icke, even as a kid before he went rogue against MSM :bigsmile:
    He has very genuine and sincere eyes, is passionate about his causes and he explains things in basic terms...
  10. Re: ASPD (Anti Social Personality Disorder) BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

    Hi Justntime2learn

    Your story does resonate! It sounds like you are over the worst part (overcoming the Gas-lighting and realising it isn't you that is at fault, you've just been manipulated and...
  11. Our Friend Kerrie Lea is hanging on for dear life: please do help

    I haven't much spare to give but I will give what I can...I hope your friend gets the help she needs and gets well very soon.

    Sending her love and light :angel: xoxox
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    Re: Synchronicities
  13. Re: Wiltshire Crop Circle with Stargate like Glyphs 13/09/16


    This is the third time i've come to the conclusion that, whoever or whatever
    is making these crop circles... they are designed by human minds....
  14. Re: Wiltshire Crop Circle with Stargate like Glyphs 13/09/16

    Thankyou Sunny-side-up I will give this video a watch now :)

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    They're very artist and gifted hoaxers, they should reveal themselves and make some money doing rural...
  15. Wiltshire Crop Circle with Stargate like Glyphs 13/09/16

    A crop circle appeared last night in Ansty, Wiltshire UK.
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    I understand this bit ;) And its something we both agree on...let's hope we all can :grouphug:
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    Plenty of room here for you to come stay if you're local Star Tsar? We could have a drive up there so you can see it first hand for yourself...

    I'm guessing your not local though, or...
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    I know its late here...7 past midnight to be precise...but I'm not understanding what you mean?

    You asked for 'just one' to be named...where police dare not enter and sharia law I...
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    Why do you give up Star Tsar? :sherlock: :sun:

    Article dated 3rd October 2014

    An investigation for Today has found...
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    Post disappearing and reappearing for me as well ... I couldn't find serenite's post either, but I knew she responded because my PM said so ... weirdness ...[/QUOTE]

    Yes the same here too...some...
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