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  1. Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    I do not have facebook, thus the paste and copy from another site. Well worth the read. Perhaps there are more intelligent Medical providers who feel the same way.

    Abdu Sharkawy...
  2. Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    I know I am in immune suppressed crisis due to a severe neuropathy that came on from a groin injury ( possible tear) I have to live with that and already tried a lot of things. Getting a stair...
  3. Re: Proxima Centauri b ETs rescue Julian Assange, teleport Donald Trump into Belmarsh prison!

    Gosh, as much as we care about Assange, I cannot help but look at the stack of books we have at home of amazing info from whistleblowers. You think you have read it all, then pow! another...
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    Re: A Very Happy Birthday Bill Ryan!

    An auspicious day Bill! You share that birthday with my sister who is dynamite. Be grateful and be blessed beyond measure.
  5. Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    A lot of research went into this thread. Even I, as a retired nurse, want it simply explained. LOL. Since viruses are a bag of RNA I have to wonder -- lets go back to science -- how many countless...
  6. Re: Do we create (or at least co-create) our reality and reality experience?

    I know we do create our own reality.

    I had a rather serious issue occur on Aug 8 2008. I had a wonderful brunch at home with my family and went to my desk to begin writing. That was the last I...
  7. Re: Dark Journalist & Joseph Farrell: UFO X-Factor Black Budget & Secret Space Network 16 March 2018

    Thanks Amor. I posted a book on another thread but not to be repetitive, looks like the book applies here:
    Leo Kasten who does great research with his book, in fact another one coming on March 20th...
  8. Re: The Real X Files Are About To Go Public, Why Are So Many People Seeing UFOs?

    It is my understanding most of the UFO's seen in America, at least, are ours. So is this UFO conspiracy going on, a big bruhaha?
  9. Re: Social Media - Problem Reaction Solution?

    One of the biggest crimes against humanity is divisiveness.
  10. Re: The UK left the European Union on 31 Jan, 2020.

    Can anyone break it down as to what may or possibly be next because of this event? What do we expect to see in the UK? Thanks.
  11. Re: Why ARE USA children so ill? Is it planned? Is it too late to turn around?

    T Smith, you are not being cynical. You simply have eyes wide open. I left traditional nursing after 20 yrs in hospitals because of what I saw, I left teaching because of what I had to fight against,...
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    Re: Why have a Space Force?

    Speaking of command of space, has anyone read or supported the works of Robert Morning Sky? He is in the recent book by Len Kasten called Alien World Order;The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer...
  13. Re: Kobe Bryant: Basketball legend dies in helicopter crash

    There is worth in what you said as you know it and compare notes with your own professional view. I believe with high profile people in the light of entertainment and politics there also could be a...
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    Re: Opinions on mammograms

    I am in my 73rd year and refuse mammo's. And for all the reasons people post. I also take high energy nutrients and guard myself against the usual infestation of chemicals, vaccines, toxic bugs and...
  15. Re: Kobe Bryant: Basketball legend dies in helicopter crash

    Don't kill the messenger, just reporting what I read. That terrible day 1-26 =9 and 9 passengers and two girls age 13 all those numbers are used in blood sacrifice. I read that that day falls into a...
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    Re: The Meaning of Dreams

    Just two nights ago I had a dream within a dream. I think, perhaps it is a way for our subconscious or even superconscious to remember the message, if there is one to discern. Same as repetitive...
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    Re: A.I. Alexa and 'The Listeners'

    All I can contribute to this thread is that our son gave us Alexa as a gift a long time ago. It was in a back room office. We were in the far front rooms and all of a sudden we heard in the pitch of...
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    Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    Gosh so many good responses! Inflammation occurs when the body cannot expel the toxins be it in the cell or in a disrupting situation at the wall of the cell. Toxins remain the roadblock to health as...
  19. Re: The world's first 'living robots' unveiled - and they can self-heal

    All the robotic nano tech fills me with angst. Even nanites are in chemtrails. Thus, wouldn't they translate to crops that we eat? I have heard that they are also slipped into vaccines.:help:
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    Re: Religion and gawd

    My contention is that religion was also created for controlling minds. I knew this as a young adult when I was told to confess my sins to a priest who would absolve me. Huh? Then later discovered...
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