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  1. Re: I Agree Alex - Deport the British Bastard..!

    It was hard enough for us to get rid of him in the first give backs lol
  2. Re: Now that the distractions of predicted catastrophes have come and gone, what's le

    The question is what is the next step on the hidden agenda? Eyes on America and the financial cliff, keep the people in fear, is the timing right to make a step towards financial collapse, or do they...
  3. Re: Proof is in the pudding..see you in 3 months time.

    Good luck Viking, surround yourself with positive vibes, your mind is powerful enough to succeed, dont let other peoples negativity distract your focus (as TPTB do). Start small (I did an exercise on...
  4. Re: California earthquakes NOW! (posted Aug 26, 2012)

    Hopefully a lot of relatively small quakes is better than one big one
    My thoughts are with you
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    Re: 5 th MAY London UK Meet Up

    Hi all, it would be great to be with you guys but cannot make it this time round. Have the best of times and keep me in the loop for next time.
    Love and light
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    Re: Ring of Fire.......

    Kiwielf, was this the article you were looking for
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    Re: Ring of Fire.......

    Ok, I have not posted in a while but have watched and read withinterest, I will put my two penny's worth in, this is my own thoughts from what I have read for my own benifit and my own conclusions, I...
  8. Re: Singing Bowls - Safe for Meditation Novices?

    Likewise proceed without fear, I also use my bowl for clearing negative energies so enjoy your path.
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    Re: Everyone needs to see this right now!

    "Dear God please never let this happen again in my name"
    I weep for humanity if this is what we have to show for thousands of years of "progess" enough is enough
  10. Re: A warning from benevolent ETs about our future - over 60 years ago

    Thank you Bill, for some reason reading your words made me cry a single tear that rolled down my cheek. it also brought back memories of a "vison" i was shown of my near by city destroyed and over...
  11. Re: Are you a Starseed, Wanderer, Indigo? I Calibrate your Real Planetary Origin

    Dear Eternal One, I also have a strong resonance with one of the origins, could I kindly ask for a reading for further insight.
    love and light
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    Re: Thank You Bill

    Been away from the site for a few days and what has happened on the site has really saddened me and the news of Fred has certainly rained on my parade.
    Fred always valued your insight and comments,...
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    Re: My husband died... Love Never Disappears

    My thoughts are with you,
    much love
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    Re: Letter to Mr Cameron (Prime Minister UK)

    can we make the qualifying age 48 please;)
  15. Re: After tirelessly updating Avalon for's official, evacuation is in prog

    Bump, as others are posting on this topic, this is the thread for Canary Island volcanic info etc
  16. Re: 11/9/11 Rebooting the Internet after Emergency Broadcast

    My considerations are really focused on what can they add to the system in three minutes or in the "reboot" monitoring software for example......somebody must have seen an opourtunity but have the...
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    Re:Losing Hope, And distaste for Human Life.

    Well put Fred, and good advice, what I would add is Seantimberwolf is be prepared to play the long game, anything is possible, look for the signs and follow your heart.
    I was once in retail and...
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    Re: Sun Flash-what is it?

    Yep, i agree with you both, summer headaches and here in Uk sitting in the house in shorts with the windows open.......................second week in Oct,not the norm from memory
  19. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across

    Jcocks, do not worry, stay calm and ask for help out loud, and it will come (not always in the way you expect though) and be careful what you wish for. ( a friend wished she could stay a little...
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    Re: Hidden in full sight or am I paranoid

    The point is if it is a case of TPTB invoking a decision based on free will choice, and tying in Inelias view on the split worlds etc.
    we have now been told that "human life on earth,(equals)...
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