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  1. Re: Extradimensionals / extraterrestrials / spacecraft / ayahuaska / out of body / astral travel / dreams

    I far as right and left brain, Delight, are you using these terms loosely? Figuratively I understand the concepts, I just wanted to clarify that it isn't literal in my opinion.

    It is my experience...
  2. Re: Extradimensionals / extraterrestrials / spacecraft / ayahuaska / out of body / astral travel / dreams

    Hi David.

    I also have found some new quantum physics revelations quite interesting. I just watched a video called "Dark Matters" which left me with a desire to close all particle colliders....
  3. Re: A credible insider whistleblower, and some extremely important information -- if true

    Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.
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    Re: I am invisible ...

    This is true but there is a bit more to the story of being cause over one's behavior. 99.99% still have what is known in Scientology as the "reactive mind." Someone who has gone down the rabbit hole...
  5. Thread: The Cry of Gaia

    by CarlS

    Re: The Cry of Gaia

    The entire universe is alive. It is not just Earth that is alive with a being incarnated into it. I believe all stars and countless planets were created and incarnated into by beings. I'd guess the...
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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    There is nothing to fear because:

    1. We are all immortal, spiritual beings. A body can die but we don't.

    2. This may be a possible time line but I believe there are countless others we may...
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    Re: An experience that changed my life

    At this point, when I think of remembering what I knew before the amnesia implants, or being on a previous planet again with my family and friends, I feel a level of joy that is so intense,the tears...
  8. Re: Red Ice Radio about massive wave of incoming immigrants to Sweden

    I would imagine the immigration situation is due to the control system. 150 years ago plundering and pillaging was done overtly. Now the bankers covertly plunder third world countries with their...
  9. Re: Q and A about Ron Hubbard, Bill Robertson, Scientology, the Free Zone and Ron's Org

    The following is the procedure of the original 1950 “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health.” I recommend watching the video “How to use Dianetics” or reading at least the first chapter of...
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