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  1. Re: Doctors are speechless! ... The Scientists Can't Answer Yet! (Gregg Braden)

    what was shown at 4m:35s means The Vibrational State Exercise, which is a closed circulation induced by thought-feelings, in order to check-up and health anything on physical, psych, mental and...
  2. Re: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind - The CE-5 Protocols

    I cannot remember, how much time I know about the Inteligence of Universe.
    I'm often in contact with "Inteligence of Others", but this (NI) Its utterly Impersonal.

    the process occurs by...
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    Re: Why the WOKE Establishment Hates Joker

    Some times, ones find their fates on the pathways they choose to be far from it.

    The media allways try to be nice to everyone, but beeing the most active agent of subversion spread, So the joker...
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    Re: Life Created from Anti-Matter?

    The whole phenomenal world or universe is a Mental Creation elaborated by an Infinite and Universal Living Mind, which can be seen as formed by many (infinite) minds integrated as one in one goal. So...
  5. Re: Dutch Farmers New Mass Revolt Against Climate Change Restrictions

    Nitrogen is an inert gas that composes 70% of the atmosphere. Just ask to show the impacting numbers to dismantle the fallacy, scientifically and technically.

    in a free economy, no one should...
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    Re: Who will win the US presidency in 2020?

    The especialist Allan Lichtman, a historian from American University knowed by "Prediction Professor", since 1984 hits all US president elections.

    He also predicted that Trump might be impeached...
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    Re: An experience in Peru

    I'm seeing (and feeling) very good (mental) energies on this thread and post discussions. Althought I'm limiting myself to manifest, I can't avoid to contribute with some comments here (good and bad)...
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    Re: Turmoil in Ecuador

    Hey Bill, I (we) wish the situation to normalize with the circulation of people and the supply.

    The obvious consequence of this arrangement is that Moreno will remain in power. In such crisis, the...
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    Re: Chinese trade deficit with the US

    Hey Exo, thank you .. I agree, I use NWO term like a general reference.

    on the video you post, Dolar - The Greatest Piramid Scheme .. at 12m:35s you can see: ".. governments are able to...
  10. Re: Why the Russians classified a rotating weightless wingnut: they thought the Earth might flip

    let me speculate a few ..

    I think "the magic" of this phenomena, can be explained by a great Science, that humans (choose?) not know yet. It would be something like Magnetism, Electricity and...
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    Re: What They Never Bothered to Tell Us...

    and avoid the Global Warming

    puting the Globalist spell against the own wizard,

    making a double assimetric attack like this, they will have to give up one of them or assume they are insane.
  12. Re: Incredibly significant presidential statement

    Yes, It was .. and the most incredible (hidden true) is Trump sending this message to their suposed (zionist) allies, bankers and weapons manufacture owners.

    He choose a full moon in Libra, to...
  13. Re: Orion ETs using Satanic Cult and Social Media

    the balance of cosmos (including As Above As Bellow reflex), It is not new and is not negotiable.

    you are talking only the bellow part, that are actually increasing imbalanced concentration,...
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    Re: Ideas for Handling Anxiety

    well, I recommend begin with a simple chamomile tea with mint

    everybody fell anxious all their life, because it is a psycho-somatic reaction of expectation about something unknown.

    Anyone can...
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    Re: Chinese trade deficit with the US

    I'm not sure, but chinese economy (and grow) might be a accounting falsehood, because Chinese economy numbers are not auditable.

    chinese people works in half-slavery regime, and Services Provision...
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    Re: What They Never Bothered to Tell Us...

    Hey Exo,

    maybe you can use this info to support the "Stop 5G" campaign (with counter-inteligence)

    at 6m:35s - the heating effect of increasing Radio Waves - that increase the Global Warming
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    Re: A space to live and a time to manifest

    thank you for interest .. I can send by email, because probably dont fit in a PM.

    We may also post in a more reserved area for (selected) members review and criticize.

    Frankly, I don't know...
  18. Re: Update from Simon Parkes: There is an upcoming US coup in progress

    thank you for you kindness, maybe you will promptly attend

    I thought this triangle was only for offensive, harmful and very inappropriate things that required a urgent action
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    Re: A space to live and a time to manifest

    Hi Bill, thank you .. let's go ...

    the title:

    the words "a reading about" means that It's not intended to be a kind of ultimate words "About" (a space to live and a time to manifest). You are...
  20. Re: Update from Simon Parkes: There is an upcoming US coup in progress

    I send seven PMs to Guides for help .. sorry, but I preffer to DELETE everything

    What has no solution, Solved Is
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