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    Re: Windows 10 - DOOM

    The release of Windows 10 "for free" reminds me of the concept used in the movie, "Kingsman: The Secret Service", where the villain releases a global sim card "for free"; - free phones, free...
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    Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    It will "undoubtedly" be MH370... ;) I mean, how many [other] Boeing 777's are missing???? TPTB love the drama and build up. I agree with Lucidity... load of contrived... scheiße! :)
  3. Re: California legislators now trying to pass a companion bill to force adults to be vaccinated

    Nazism ... plain and simple
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    Re: Strange shapes on Mars and Moon

    I still can't understand why NASA just didn't land it at Cydonia (if the Lander is actually ON Mars, that is ;))- one of the most controversial (and interesting) landmarks on Mars? (ie the so-called...
  5. Re: What to Believe......... (Wilcock interviews Corey Goode on GaimTV - July 2015)

    Might be connected, maybe not. When Wilcock was about to release these video-interviews, his website, Divine Cosmos went down for "unexplained reasons" and his main hard drive attacked and destroyed....
  6. Re: Bruce Cathie - Earth Biology Geared to a 27hr Grid Day Not 24hr Roman Agreement

    I'm getting "tingles" Snoweagle!

    May have something to do with the Harmonics of the number 9 (which divides into 27); Cathy bought this up in his first book, Harmonic 33 while explaining the...
  7. Re: Another "Conspiracy" Confirmed: Your car can be hacked // Crashes of inconvenience

    LOL - my first car was a side-valve Morrie - (only because my girl friend's parents at the time, wouldn't let her ride on the back of my motorbike)! I could probably run faster, but a great little...

    Hmmmm lots of things predicted to happen in September, 2015.
  9. Re: Another "Conspiracy" Confirmed: Your car can be hacked // Crashes of inconvenience

    Yup, add AIDS to that, Cider ;)

    Back to the original topic,... I made sure that all my cars were built pre 2005. Ahhhh love good ol' VW Beetles (urmmm the original air cooled ones,... not VW...
  10. Re: What to Believe.........

    Totally agree Mike - I'm not sure what to believe any more... but the ride is certainly getting.... "interesting" ;)
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    Re: Movies -> Oh! My God

    Thoroughly enjoyed "Kingsman: The Secret Service", based on the acclaimed Graphic Novel, The Secret Service, and "Elysium". Modern-day metaphors for what's really going on (and what's being hidden)?...
  12. Re: Where's My Flying Car? - Hold On! Paul Moller's Skycar Is Coming - TechFuture

    The Martin Jetpack – Fly the dream

    (from the manufacturer's webpage - more here):


    Ready to fly?

    Named as one of Time magazine's Top 50...
  13. Re: Sky Iron Movie Trailer #reptilians #hollowearth #underground #nazi

    Cool - looks like a sequel of the original 2012 IRON SKY movie (which unfortunately, wasn't released globally in movie theaters but is available for download or on DVD), a hilarious movie that was...
  14. Re: Almost free energy reported on Main Stream Media


    "Sarcasm doesn't become me?" How little you know me; I'm an expert! :) I am not apologising for a word of what I said: in the first place, watching a single source of reference and then...
  15. Re: Where's My Flying Car? - Hold On! Paul Moller's Skycar Is Coming - TechFuture

    For those who are still wondering what the heck a Wankel rotary engine is, this video demonstrates:

    The Moller-made Freedom Wankel rotary...
  16. Re: Almost free energy reported on Main Stream Media

    Mazda were/are also looking at an electric/ rotary hybrid with the release of their new RX7 sports car, (slated for a 2017 launch to celebrate the rotary's 50th birthday), and have been successfully...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, July 27th, 2015

    Not aware that the WDS is after a One World Govt Lucidity, but all his (Ben's) reports are compiled here if you want to get to them easily (including the latest full report) :)
  18. Re: Lord Sewel: the cocaine-snorting, prostitute-using peer doesn't deserve our sympathy

    I suspect it's an in-road expose to get to the more "serious" offenders and pedophiles "up the ranks",... Lord Sewel was/is very good mates with Tony Blair *cough* ;)
  19. Re: Almost free energy reported on Main Stream Media

    Really? I can assure you, Archie Blue's Mini running on hydrogen (or water if you like) was no scam. (You've learned that by watching just ONE video? Geeee, that's real, in-depth research...
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    Re: UFO videoed flying over the Alps

    Yes, but this [UFO] triangle - if it's authentic (and it has already been debunked if you go to the YouTube link), was photographed BELOW the airliner, ie somewhere between 31- 40,000 ft. Both the...
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