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    It's clear to me that that many people do not set fire to their country on their own accord. This is so orchestrated and I can't even begin to express how sick it makes me feel.
  2. Re: The "Flat Earth" PsyOp (and John B. Wells' brilliant take)

    Flat Earthers crash conversations on Pizzagate: VARcmHdoRKo
  3. Re: The "Flat Earth" PsyOp (and John B. Wells' brilliant take)

    Oh my oh my....yeah I guess there is no good explanation to the planets in our solar when God found that he wanted to give us some fun objects to look at, why something that looks like...
  4. Re: The "Flat Earth" PsyOp (and John B. Wells' brilliant take)

    Does anybody know how they explain the moon and the planets, which you actually can see with a telescope that they are round? I understand that they think the earth has a cupola over it with holes in...
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    Re: All About Cancer

    I want to add to the article on cancer from MM, that you don't have to buy the book to find out what to eat and not to fight the virus etc. He has near to all his information in totally free articles...
  6. Thread: Alkaline water

    by ariel70

    Re: Alkaline water

    I would not advice to make the water alkaline in this way. I've been following the Medical Medium since 2015, and everything I've tried from him has worked, so I take his advice in this as well. He...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Yes I have, and I can't believe how Michael Jackson got away with it right in front of everybody's noses. Now with the law change in California, Wade and James are hopefully getting their trials, and...
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    Re: All About Cancer

    According to the Medical Medium, cancer is most often a result of a virus (mostly a strain of EBV) consuming a certain cocktail of toxins in our bodies (viruses eat, according to him, which is not...
  9. Re: The "Flat Earth" PsyOp (and John B. Wells' brilliant take)

    I don't know if this has been posted before in this thread, but Pythagoras was not the first person to suggest a spherical earth. The idea that the earth is round and all that comes with it is...
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    Re: Animals are Magical

    An animal communicator talks to the black panther Spirit/Diablo
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    Re: VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe (Video)

    Now the Vaxxed team are touring the US with the movie Vaxxed II, which is a collection of the people's stories about how their children or other family members or they themselves were harmed by...
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    Re: Human Design System, by Ra Uru Hu

    Wow, there was a lot of people interested in it huh? :bigsmile:
    I got introduced to this a few years ago...I wonder if it was in 2012. I picked up that it was calculated through birth time, so...
  13. Thread: Medical Medium

    by ariel70

    Re: Medical Medium

    I found this book in 2016 after finding MM on facebook and after a friend recommended it to me, saying she was getting rid of fibromyalgia and arthritis on his protocols that she had for 45 years! I...
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