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  1. Re: Cyprus is actually a "template" (Plans to steal deposits in NZ, Spain, UK, USA, ...)

    Look we alk know this is going on. But it takes more than courage and organisation to make a stance in these cases. In cyprus the banks literally closed so the money could be taken from peoples...
  2. Re: Historic interview reveals government secrets learned from extraterrestrials

    Interesting read, thanks.

    I can't help but feel a great deal of frustration when reading something like this. Makes you wonder about what kind of place this would be if technology like this was...
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    Re: North Korea Nuclear threat?

    Ok thanks for the input so far. I had not seen that Propaganda film, GlassSteagallfan, so thank you.

    I am keen to see how this plays out.
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    North Korea Nuclear threat?

    Far the last while, most people have been keeping an eye on what N. Korea has been up to. We know they have literally been itching to fire a nuke at the US, and have basically said so. The leader is...
  5. Re: The U.S. Government will never let the existence of Bigfoot become public knowledge.

    Nature spirits. That is what I think they are, at least partly anyway because they do have a definite physicality. Telepathic maybe, or at least in tune with nature enough to sense a human coming...
  6. Re: FACEBOOK censoring my posts on SANDY HOOK HOAX

    Funny stuff. Either the photoshop "artist" wanted people to notice something... Or they paid any old fool to slap this picture together!
  7. Re: Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth

    The "Convoluted" series left me with headaches but the information is important and definitely stands the test of time. I am currently reading Dr. Karla Turner's books, and although they are set in a...
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    Re: Pope Benedict Leaves Papacy, 28th February 2013

    I would like Jordan Maxwell's perspective on this, he is very knowledgeable about the Catholic Church.

    Numerology aside, this is a strange event. Maybe the pope is going into hiding with the rest...
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    Re: Essential reading for all Avalonians

    I agree with what others have said. It is better to prepare yourself mentally for survival first. I have read a couple of survival guides (some great free apps are available!) and within a few pages...
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    Re: The Sacred Circle

    Just dipped a toe in, and got goosebumps! I am in guys :-)
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    Hi Simon.

    I am curious about AI technology, specifically the mind control type. Do you have any knowledge on this, or know if it ties in with any holographic technology?

    I have heard about AI...
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    This. If anything was a hologram it was the airplanes. The explosives in the building and basement were not expected when half of NY saw two planes disappear into concrete. Excellent thread on Simon...
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    Re: About Dragons by Franz Erdl

    Ok so I am only a little bit in and this info is really exciting me. I have always thought of dragons as extremely noble and not evil monsters of folklore. My chinese astrology animal is snake, just...
  14. Re: Mainstream Media Discussion - Information is Power

    I think it is a matter of chipping away at the problem, little by little. There is no quick fix to such a vast issue, so be wary of people who offer one. As the younger, more open and wise...
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    Re: Hyperthyroidism - Overactive Thyroid

    Thanks for the links guys. I also have an overactive thyroid along with a couple of extended family members.

    I tried everything to gain weight, from eating more tjan I could afford, to protein...
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    Re: Ariel School UFO Research 1994 to 2012

    I have yet to watch a UFO video, credible or not, without scary atmospheric music and overly dramatic narrative. I feel this cheapens everything about an otherwise interesting videos.

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    Re: Secret Russian Smersh book, known alien races.

    If this is at all accurate, would it then be fair to say it is probably very outdated?

    57 species of known ET seems quite low, given the vastness and mysteriousness of even our own galaxy. If...
  18. Re: Russian PM not joking - extraterrestrials among us according to MIB documentary

    OP video is interesting as it seems to portray the general Russian attitude towards UFOs. Over the years it seems the Russians have an invested interest in the phenomenon, without much fear of...
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    Re: MATRIX REVEALED -- Analysis & Solutions

    Discernment is certainly the word. There is way too much chanelled info, and way to many positive stories of abductions out there. It doesn't make sense that a benevolent race or group would have...
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    Re: Personal stories about UFOs

    A couple of months ago my partner and I were out in the back garden, enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. There was some clouds very high up, and it was a really clear day. What I initially thought...
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