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    Re: I need some help

    Hi Ammit all I can say is hang in there and I'll send good thoughts,unfortunately I'm not qualified to give a more reassuring answer. I'm sure the good people of Avalon will have some advice :cool:
  2. Re: Irish demonstrate use of common law to stop bank repossession

    This is only the start of the awakening in Ireland, the video is already a few weeks old and the effects off it has been quite encouraging.. the same people have filled a court injunction on the...
  3. Re: Imminent Televised Event:

    At this stage I'll believe when I see it and until then I will do everything in my power to spread the news of the massive deception us humans have had to live under for the last couple of thousands...
  4. Re: What do you believe? What is your truth?

    Thanks Anthony I suppose that's another way of putting it:cool: thanks.. Fundy Gemini I agree completely with you we are all on a journey to eventually find out the truth and I think more and more...
  5. What do you believe? What is your truth?

    I believe anything is possible..

    The purpose of this thread I hope will bring people together on the things to which we can all agree on and that are by this point self evident in this crazy...
  6. Re: In the Grip of Emotion ~ Good-Bye Moon ~ Spacemuffin

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    people are waking up

    Just thought I would show an example of what is going on in my country and how the people are becoming aware of the illusion that surrounds them.. Enjoy PpUjl4LvQM8
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    Re: good internet talk radio stations? I find it very informative
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    Re: Ben Fulford ~ Controlled Implosion of Fed Reserve and ECB ~ February 13, 2012

    Anything that revolves around making people pay to live doesn't resonate with me.. I just don't believe in money any more;)
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    Re: Movies that woke you up

    Groundhog Day is a great one.. Its been my favourite film since I first seen it,as a kid I loved it for the laughs but as I got older I finally started to comprehend the real meaning of the story...
  11. Re: What is the most valuable thing in the world?

    For me its gotta be faith.. If I didn't believe that we will ALL live in peace and harmony in the future,well I don't even wanna think about it because what's the point in being negative?
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    Re: What is Your Favourite Word?

    Ha ha what a cool thread:cool: my two words are: bleeding gorgeous
  13. Re:Stonehenge and Coral Castle building solved

    Very good theory but I didn't know they had concrete to rest all the blocks on back in the days when Stonehenge was made. the one thing I noticed was that he moves the blocks by having them on a flat...
  14. Re: Welcome To Germany, I mean Ireland. '2012'..!

    The fighting Irish are to doped up on fluoride but maybe when the price of a pint goes up to 10 euro we might see a bit more action..
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Here and now I'm at home in beautiful SUNNY Dublin listening to James Brown and I feel like dancing.0WWkWDsZjbM
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    Re: Common Purpose...see how they run!

    This group can be found in Ireland.I only recently came across them through a movement called we the I know why the system never works!!
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    Re: Raves and mind control

    I was a big raver back in the day,glow sticks whistles the lot...whatever the article says I had some of the best times of my life going to raves,the feeling of being surrounded by 10000 people all...
  18. Re: My husband died... Love Never Disappears

    Dear Gaia

    From one eternal soul to another Namaste

    Love you
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    Re: The 99 % Declaration

    lets all just stop and smile and remember a moment that fills us with happiness!!
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    Re: The Control Paradigm Workshops.

    I'll be there for the Dublin one..I wouldn't miss for the world.And ill bring a packed lunch for you so don't worry about the food thing..It might be hard to get my hands on Marmite though;)
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