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    Re: Classified bill, hr 8791, unclassified.

    I saw this on the Onion a while back. The Onion is a joke website that post's fake news for entertainment purposes. Kind of like Fox news, but the Onion admits that its for entertainment.
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    Re: Bill Ryan joining Kerry & David W. with Bill Wood

    Excellent movie, although a bit old and cheesy, illustrates how we are controlled.

    I'm going to seek out and watch this movie tonight. Awesome. They should totally remake it with David...
  3. Re: The Ancient "Doctrine of Signatures' Suppressed by the Establishment

    But your eyes are full of rod's and cones - Carrots can be rod or cone shaped depending on when you pick them
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    Re: David Icke 2011 - We have Reached the Point Now.

    Good video

    Jack - I agree that there is too much "love and light" talk. I don't bother to complain about it on forums, people believe what they want to believe. I've followed Wilcock and others...
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    Re: Explosive! New Ron Paul Video "Bombs" Part 1 & 2

    I think anyone who reads this forum is beyond being strictly adherent to party lines - go out and register to vote for RP in the primaries folks.

    I've said this before and I'll say again that I...
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    Re: A Challenge to David Wilcock Naysayers

    This is my feeling exactly. That said, I still check his blog and have been following this gangster lawsuit thing.
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    Re: Bank of Canada Challenged in Legal Action

    Get this out on social media, email it to friends and family etc. This is probably the most important thing that's happened in Canada to date as far as the current global "Revolution" is concerned....
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    Re: Banksters Getting Sued

    This suit was just filed in Canada yesterday - something is going on here:
  9. Re: The lawsuit that could end the gangster rule of Western civilization

    I was just about to post this same story - Going to put it up on Facebook etc. when I get off work. Have already emailed it to as many people as I think will care and maybe pass it on or take action...
  10. Re: MTV Softens Up The 'Masses' For Martial Law..!

    If anything this strikes me as a commercial "against" the PTB.

    They seem to be saying "hey guys, look at the national security state and how ridiculous it is."

    Just my 2 cents
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    New Online "Occupy" Library

    I just came across this site which some of you may want to check out and contribute to:

    They are asking for recommended reading, watching etc. and I think the...
  12. Re: The Vote That Changed The World! - End Corporate Rule

    Video not working :(

    Edit: NVM - Working now
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    Re: Chinese preparing for war with America?

    Agreed in principle, but its all of NATO that's in trouble. Appearing weaker than you actually are is just straight up art of war stuff. So is getting your enemy to destroy itself internally, which...
  14. Anti-Russian Sentiment in Western Media Get's Rolling

    So it begins. I'm guessing this is the beginning of the 'demonization' campaign against Russia in response to the Russian's recent threats against the NATO missile shield.
  15. Re: Please sign Disclosure Petition II starting December 1, 2011 PLEASE help spread

    I can't log it, I signed the first one and its not letting me sign this one, reset my password, create a new account, or otherwise participate in anything on the website.

    Guess I'm on the "no fly...
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    Awesome Method of Protesting Big Banks

    Keep wall street Occupied


    This is the best idea ever
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    Re: Russian Space Defense Troops launched

    Look at the logo - I guess the Russian's have some mile wide black triangle's too.

    Also, if anyone ever played Goldeneye, Arkhangelsk is I believe where the first few levels of the game take place...
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    Re: Alex Jones 2011-11-21 Monday Part 7/9

    I have not seen a single story about MF Global in the mainstream media which I use as my litmus test (CBC).

    That said I don't have cable, and just check the stories out which I've seen in the...
  19. Re: Are UFO's Intervening On Planet Earth By Shutting Down Nuclear Facilities?

    Bodes well for the current posturing by the Russians
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    Re: Happy (Corporate) Holidays, America..!

    There are lots of things you can do to keep your money local for the holidays - get people gift cards for services at local businesses like a haircut or day at the spa. I run a recording studio out...
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