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  1. Re: P. Diddy knows the US Political system is a Scam

    P. Diddy and Usher are part of hollywood illuminati some think (and that they had sex together ha). I just think that he isn't very articulate
  2. Re: Speeding up the healing of broken bones

    SILICa. Often sold with sulphur in a liquid form. I'd supplement my calcium with silica heavily during healing from bone breaks
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    Re: Jon Kelly & Tucson UFO interview

    Ive seen ufos there as well
  4. Re: The body of the mother can identify if child is evil or not.

    I think the whole premise of this post is outlandish. 'Evil' is a subjective term anyway, not an absolute for many. Also, a case study of one person that you knew is very weak anecdotal basis for...
  5. Re: Martial Law; Go to the camp, shelter in, bug out or do you have a choice?

    Logistically impossible. Honestly, it would take all military resources just to try and lock down 25 major metropolitan areas. Id be more concerned with a time when you might actually hope for...
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    Re: The River Man

    Pink Moon!
  7. Re: May be the time to stop eating sea food?

    I thought this would be a thread on Fukushima Daichi
  8. Re: North Dakota to use police drones with non-lethal weapons

    A famous quote.....said by joseph goerbels himself haha. Now american politicians AND law enforcement are saying it wow
  9. Re: Why smart phones should be illegal for under-16s

    I guess a good way to frame it is this, the amount of information i can collect on my bus ride to work is so extreme with my phone, it would take a dismissive mind to not acknowledge the value there....
  10. Re: Why smart phones should be illegal for under-16s

    The smartphones can be used to our extreme benifit. They are the pinnacle of portable technologies that allow us to educate ourselves on any given subject in a very short amount of time. They're not...
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    I'd be more concerned about dying from a Doctor prescribed medication. Dont let them convince you the world is so big, scary, and unpredictable that you can't make it on your own. It is not, and you...
  12. Re: Lord Sewel: the cocaine-snorting, prostitute-using peer doesn't deserve our sympathy

    Haha saw the title and thought it was about Bill Clinton
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    Re: Putin fires 110,000 officials

    Western media reports this is due to sanctions and budget cuts. hahaha. Hes culling the compromised staffers. Fire em before they can leak info to whomever. That's my suspicion, they were suspected...
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    Re: ANDROID flaw - Build-in spyware?

    Apple propaganda i bet. Someone at ziperiums pockets got lined to write this article i bet.......coming from apple who intentionally adds shortcuts for surveillance into the firmware. Android>iphone
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    Re: Puncture wound?

    Id suspect foliculitis. Most likely not mrsa unless it wont heal for weeks & gets worse
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    Re: Puncture wound?

    Could be a staph infection.Super common
  17. Re: The most authentic free speech I've ever seen

    Love me some Gerald Celente!!
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    Spiritual kegels! Ive already been doing them for less altruistic purposes LOL but I really enjoyed the concept of listening to the world through the body
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    Hmmm sorry to go occams razor, but my first suspicion here would be simple insurance fraud. Hello!? We're probably talking 100s of millions or more.....
  20. Re: Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden Mocks Extent of Post-Snowden Reform

    I preferred it before. Having the gov keep info is one thing, but them letting private companies store it indefinitely is fascist bull*$#@
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