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    Re: Aliens' Semblance

    This video 'Skinny Bob" was remote viewed by John Vivanco and discussed in the video below. I find it quite impressive.

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    Re: State of the Disunion Address by Dennis Leahy

    He's written about a lot of topics. Which ones are you referring to? And what appeals to you most about his thinking?[/QUOTE]

    He seems to me to be the most realistic and far reaching thinker in...
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    Re: State of the Disunion Address by Dennis Leahy


    Many thanks for this post. You have laid out my feelings with far more clarity and thought than I could probably have done.

    One thing I would like to echo - when Americans use the word...
  4. Re: Milab silly questions hoping someone can give me insight

    I don't have any special insights or experience in this area, but I might suggest that you look into the Youtube presentations of Melinda Leslie (there are several)

    Here's one with Grant...
  5. Re: Materialism - as a cosmological, metaphysical world view


    I couldn't agree with you more. I recently saw a very interesting interview on this with Jeffrey Mishlove & Dr. Neal Grossman. I great exploration of both meanings of the term...
  6. Thread: Angelic Presence

    by Kotch

    Re: Angelic Presence

    Growing up in Brighton, UK, I frequently went and played with my friend on the breakwaters at the beach. The English Channel is a cold and rough body of water and the wave and tidal action at the end...
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    Re: Flashing sunlight

    I always drive with a peaked hat, and I'm not too proud to wear the peak on the side where the flickering is coming from.

    I note that you wear a peaked hat too.... Flip it across...
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    Re: Is all this so...YESTERDAY?

    Totally agree!!!

    I maintain that DENIAL is the most negative force on the planet (NO, NO, - NOT the river in Egypt!!).

    It is what allows the most evil of thoughts & actions and will always be...
  9. Re: I wonder how much the US government really knows about aliens....

    I agree. I've been studying the field for about 10 years now and haven't found the 'one true story', although I've been down a few stinky ratholes and felt foolish a few times myself. I tend to take...
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    Re: Voices from the Cosmos

    I'm still fascinated by this book and it's message. Still also confused as to why it's not widely argued here and elsewhere (Dolan's new Members forum). I still have concerns though about who the...
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    Re: Jack Ma vs Elon Musk

    I would have agreed with you until he stated, without qualifying it or providing an alternative, 'I don't worry about jobs!' (I don't think he was talking about Steve here:blushing:...)
    As a...
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    I'm pleased with my command of logic, unending sense of curiosity, my quirky sense of humour and capacity to hold contradictory ideas. (I'm large, I contain multitudes!:highfive:).
    Not so happy with...
  13. Re: Names to watch (advanced theoretical physics group)

    Sounds like we need to add one, perhaps more obscure, member:

    Brigadier General Donald D. Flickinger (Dec'd) - (Kit Green's mentor - from a new post on PA) Not sure how much is known about this...
  14. Re: Your Most Meaningful Movies/Short Films/Documentaries/YouTube Videos?

    I just watched 'The Great Hack' on Netflix. It seeks to examine the Cambridge Analytica fiasco after the Trump election in 2016 and exposes the stunning amount of information on vast numbers of...
  15. Re: Your Most Meaningful Movies/Short Films/Documentaries/YouTube Videos?

    Totally agree, in fact anything by British documentarian Adam Curtiss is well worth watching - and may well be paradigm shifting! I remember after watching the Century of the the Self it was as if a...
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    Neurolink Video with Elon Musk

    Just saw this video and it dawned on me that this is really scary news. I thought this kind of thing was at least a decade away.

    Of course technology (to quote Harari) is not deterministic, but...
  17. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences

    Maybe this?
    Boulder Dam Hotel[/QUOTE]

    I do not recall...
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    Re: Chomsky vs Bill Ryan

    Yikes!! I completely missed this! I guess I have some research to do...:facepalm:[/QUOTE]

    Well, I shouldn't have been so completely negative. Chomsky has a lot of wisdom and a lot to offer. He...
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    Re: Chomsky vs Bill Ryan

    Yikes!! I completely missed this! I guess I have some research to do...:facepalm:
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    Re: Chomsky vs Bill Ryan

    With respect, that wasn't my read of his response. My take was that he wasn't willing to entertain any speculation on what happened, and that in a sense it wasn't imortant, in that the attack was...
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