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    Re: The Georgia Guidestones have been updated w/ 2014

    I had the same thought, Sidney... It looks cheap, and like it doesn't belong. Very strange and out of place. Could it not as easily have been someone random just adding this in to freak people out...
  2. Thread: How I see it

    by Zaya

    Re: How I see it

    I inherently believe this is true.

    I also inherently fear it is true.

    I know fear is the worst thing I could have really, but it means at the end of the day, you are all that is. And that is...
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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE


    Just wanted to pop in here and let you know I am reading The Secret of the Soul now!

    I felt inspired to start working towards OBE's again because of Jake's thread... but I have...
  4. Re: The Out-of-Body-Experience. A Place Where Science and Spirituality Meet.

    Wow lucky you! You have a pet that won't take you out of it haha. It's funny how pets are about these things. I have two cats, and one of them could care less if I am vibrating all over, beings are...
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    Re: Cloned People Any Example To Share?

    Welp, I'm on board now. Holy crap. Some of this these resemblances are UNCANNY.

    I was trying to examine the ears closely because those are like fingerprints... everyone's ears are different. And a...
  6. Re: The Out-of-Body-Experience. A Place Where Science and Spirituality Meet.

    I have gotten close to spontaneous OBE twice in my sleep, but both times my cat has pounced on me. I assume it is because he is very afraid for me when he can see my energy going all nuts.
  7. Re: Alex Jones Says He's Seen the Really Uncut Foley Video

    I can't watch this video while at work, but... question(s):

    Why would there be an unedited video in circulation, and why would it be in the hands of Alex Jones?

    I don't trust this man at all....
  8. Re: The Out-of-Body-Experience. A Place Where Science and Spirituality Meet.

    Jake: I am so happy you are doing this. I have actually found myself reacting to your posts about your OBE's quite a bit and wishing you would do this. I so look forward to it!

    I read a few books...
  9. Re: Experiment: co-create tomorrow today/ Urgent - Your energy is needed!

    I'm in. Why not? What's to lose?

    I refuse to live in fear of tomorrow today.
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    Re: Joan Rivers In A Medically Induced Coma

    I was just coming here to post this. This makes the situation incredibly more fishy than it already was in my mind.

    Joan did not even opt for the surgery that got her killed? This is bad.

  11. Re: Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US

    Very true, Ty. I don't want to believe it, even though I already do. A part of me will always hope that I am wrong. I had not read about the Putin=Satan thing, so the timing makes more sense to me...
  12. Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US

    Is this more fear porn or is it legit? The article details that these kinds of practices are commonplace, but that they have increased greatly in the last six months, and that Russia is trying to get...
  13. Re: HEADS UP - Info that is floating about the MSM that is straight BS

    Just to play devil's advocate here... You can type anything after the fox news website backslashes and get the same exact message.
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    Re: Beheading's Gov't Fabrications?

    I couldn't bring myself to watch this video. I watched the James Foley one, and even thinking it could be fake, it still affected me too much (call it my empathic nature. I do not have a god stomach...
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    Re: Comedian Joan Rivers dies aged 81

    I had a feeling this was going to happen to her. I hope she is resting in peace.

    Very suspicious timing of her death with all of her comments -- especially about the president. This could very...
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    Re: Beheading's Gov't Fabrications?

    Full article:

    Big bad terrorists apologize for releasing shocking terror video...
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    Re: Free Personality Test and Type Descriptions

    I am also an INFP... common around these parts! And an empath too...

    I took the other test, and it said I was a Type 5 wing 6.
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    And for good measure, another picture of Kate that looks a lot different than those of Alex:
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    Re: Sandy Hook and the lottery winners

    That is an interesting, unexpected angle. Wow. I wonder what else will be dug up about this over time... So funny to me that people still insist that Sandy Hook actually happened and that it wasn't...
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    I did a lot of investigating on this and found some other pictures of Kate and of Alex, and I don't think they are the same person despite how similar their looks are. I do, however, wonder if they...
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