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  1. Re: The next climate phase- discussion SuspiciousObservers

    we are also carbon based lifeforms , or did they forget that fact when they set up the global warming scam , this is thier new cash cow , highly lucrative and if agenda 21 works out for them , it...
  2. Re: Ferguson police PLANNED night riots, used incendiaries, lit fires and kept them going, all for show.

    i watched this one a couple of days before the verdict , concerned enough by what i heard to post it to a friend attending the protests in ferguson

    "On 11/13, I attended a private briefing with an...
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    Re: NSA Spying at Pine Gap & Menwith Hill

    interesting you have also linked teslas research with base at pine gap
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    Re: Is Russell Brand a Rothschild shill?

    i have seen memes circulating depicting brand as a " pied piper" , i couldn't get past it , not sure what it brought forth in me but beyond all the surface appearances i don't trust him
  5. Re: Thought Suppression Techniques Used by TPTB

    cell phone network ideal broadcast medium
  6. Re: So is anyone aware of Obama's latest traitorous act?

    reminds me of tony abbots latest one going around the need for approval from the house ,...all seems coordinated
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    Re: Let's Investigate the Truth on Chakras

    chakras= energetic veils
  8. Re: Laura Eisenhower, the Archons and Feminine Energy

    sometimes the intensity of the fear we feel is not our own , but where thiers touches ours , they are more afraid of us more fully awakening then we are of them
  9. Re: The story of an epiphany. Should a toxic person leave a group, or hang in there and change their life?

    amazing what can happen when we dont try to change people , just be ourselves providing the safe space , they free themselves
  10. Re: Portable water-powered generators go into production in Canada

    this would explain the elite vying to get control of water NOW
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    loved it , strange thing is after i'd watched it i had the strangest dejavu feeling like i'd watched it before , but YEARS ago
  12. Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    then we had the recent addition( and subsequent removal) of the additional "cornerstone" with numbers etc. at the georgia guidestones , could this have been a trigger/signal for coordinated actions...
  13. Re: EBOLA - A Manufactured Crisis in 2014, Dept of Defense Bio Weapon

    anyone remember the "mysterious " deaths of a large amount of microbiologists a few years ago ?

    "Dead Scientists And
    Microbiologists - Master List
    Compiled by Mark J. Harper...
  14. Re: China Just Overtook The USA As The World's Largest Economy!

    that prebuilt city to me is confirmation of chinas involvment in and adherance to agenda21 , they are awaiting the right time to move people into them a globally coordinated signal and effort
  15. Re: Siege at the Bundy Ranch ... Armed invasion of American land ... by the US Federal Government.

    fracking a BIG part of agenda 21 , contaminating as much uncontrolled water supply as is possible
  16. Re: Violent Moon Formation Happened Later Than Thought

    earth grew mainly from the inside out , until scientists at least acknowledge the theoretical possibility of that , i applaud their imagination and creativity , but it's only a partial picture :)
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    Re: The Anglo-Saxon Mission

    wondering out loud how the current Ukraine "revolution" factors in
  18. Re: The Ruling Of Queensland By A Dictator And Demagogues

    there's further protest planned on the 1st of march , the march in march
    coming soon to a state near you
  19. Re: The Ruling Of Queensland By A Dictator And Demagogues

    this is where it's all headed ( skip the ads )

    effectively hobbling sharing of leaked documents , unapproved secretly obtained video evidence etc. just the tip of the iceberg
  20. Re: The Ruling Of Queensland By A Dictator And Demagogues

    sorry about the muddled up order of the links in relation to text people , been an interesting couple of days

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    never really considered meself an activist though events of...
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