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    Re: A call to all Avalon members

    I have to contribute to this thread.
    Not all of us have the same approach and it seems mine too has made some people feel bad. I do apologize for that, it was never intended to hurt but to shine...
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    Re: Did you notice the date? 11.02. 2011

    And have you noticed the time of your post?
    Yesterday 22:11
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    Re: The Pineal Gland and its decalcification

    thank you so much...I'm a vegetarian so I'm off to buy some supplements.
    I found this one in my country:
    Osteo K2
    One pill contains:
    Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) – natto (fermented soya) - MenaQ7TM...
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    Re: Candida Cure - is it possible?

    B17 combined with b-complex pills and anti-candida diet helped me. It was a 15 year long struggle for me till I did this. Whenever my immune system lowers candida comes back, so now when I see the...
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    Re: Pole Shift, Sooner than later?

    And I'd like to add, when I see streching of some facts to fit the story in any video, I tend to dismiss the info. Both of these have that streching...
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    Re: Top Model says sun lotion is poison.

    Some pain killers have been pulled out of regular sales here because they interact with cosmetics that have sun blocking agents in it and cause bad health effects when consumed with those cosmetics....
  7. Re: Did the Reptilian shapeshifting theory come from the movie the 'Fifth Element'?

    Icke's first books came out in 1990/1991 as far as I remember. His Reptilian shapeshifting theory is based on Sitchin's Anunnaki (which Sitchin did not state were reptoids but more human looking) and...
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    Re: Brrrrr! Ice Age on the Horizon

    I've lived here (Croatia) all my life and know weather patterns damn well. What we've been having here since October till present day is as follows:
    cca 10 days of spring like temps averaging 15 °C,...
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    Re: Are we being dumbed down?

    Yesterday I bought my kid a book with a short story with all capital letters so she can read it herself because she likes to. I read it first to check if it's appropriate for her....OMG I was...
  10. Poll: Re: Is 2011 a good year to plan a Ground Crew or Avalonian conference?

    I voted "no" because if it's not within an hour drive from where I am, I won't be able to attend...and there's zero probability that it will be.
  11. Re: The Cancer Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About

    I can confirm from my own experience that Sodium Bi-Carbonate does kill fungus but B17 from apricot kernels does a better job...better and faster!
    If cancer is a fungus, then it sure will be killed...
  12. Re: UFO - Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011

    My contribution to this thread....

    I saw this minus flash this summer at 3 am chilling on my balcony. Ball of light stopped in the sky (didn't come down on anything)....that caught my eye so I...
  13. Re: Found: Classified Document re Magnetic Polar Shift

    Don't know if this is genuine document but as far as oxygen is concerned, where I live we've been experiencing some pockets of low oxygen that messes up people with heart conditions and all plant...
  14. Re:  Introverted Personalities and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


    I am ENFP (Extraverted 89% Intuitive 75% Feeling 75% Perceiving 33%)
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    Re: What Happened To You???

    Beautiful stories everyone. It's a general thinking that something dramatic has to happen but in my case I wouldn't call it dramatic but it did change everything.
    Till that point I had perfectly...
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    Re: Charles and his Master

    Ponder this....hypothetical of course:
    1. hypothesis: I reach enlightenment right now and have a connection with my higher self to such a degree that I am my higher self embodied. I have the ability...
  17. Re: It's What Charles Hasn't Said That Matters Most

    As an observer in Charles threads, I must say I am amazed by how much people give of themselves, their point of view, their understanding of the situation ect, for a yes,no,maybe,cannot say. A lot...
  18. Re: Can anyone suggest to me ways to open the eyes of friends and family????

    Based on my experience so far, you cannot do anything to wake people up, you can only make them angry by trying to trash their dream world by exposing the truth. On the other hand, when some of them...
  19. Re: Secrets of the Mayan calendar unveiled, by Ian Xel Lungold

    Thank you very much for this thread. I read Calleman's book few years ago but this set of videos from Ian really filled some holes....I needed it.
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    Re: Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

    Here's one more link in case upper one vanishes:
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