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    Re: Overly critical of Arabs

    Living, working and traveling in the Middle East one thing you learn is a smile is a smile. I have to I have encountered the greatest wisdom, love and laughter in these communities. Remember this...
  2. Re: Graham Hancock TED Talk 2016: Cataclysmic event 12,800-11,600 yrs ago // interviews, presentations

    Spent time in Haran, gobeleki tepe and sanliufa earlier this year-quite a drive from instanbul but do the academics speak of bearded white wizards-as these are the ones encountered on sitting there.
  3. Re: Gobekli Tepe....Lost Civilisation...2013 update documentary

    just spoken with Tarik the son of the farmer who discovered the site-he has highlight that the authorities are planning to close the site for a planned year and looking at expanding the museum in...
  4. Re: The Best Video regarding spirituality I have ever seen.

    😂😂😂😂😂 oxymoron
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    Re: Transgenderism: Is it Mental Illness?

    I've worked with him and now work with her.
    We both smile out how dissatisfaction is the same in different colors.
  6. Re: 16-Year-old German Girl Pleads for Help From the Influx of Muslim Immigration (BANNED by FACEBOOK)

    10% of the population in the Arab country of the United Arab Emerites is Emerati. That makes 90% of the population refugees (albeit economic) the local population have to endure the sight of drunken...
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    Re: REPCON UFO Conference UK.

    Best wishes Chris,
    Apologies will in gobeleki tepe at the time-
    element Rn 84-and spirit people 👍🏻
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    Re: Europe's betrayal of women...

    Living and travelling in the Middle East i see how expats display the most revolting sexual behavior-How the expats sexually abuse each other-there behavior is revolting. I would like to take this...
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    Re: Masdar: Abu Dhabi's carbon-neutral city

    Siemens presence at Masdar and the vibration presence leads one to intuitively sense a other worldly/connection at that city 😊 A perfect place to jump to mars😊
  10. Re: Can't Deny what's literally "Carved In Stone" Ancient Alien Engineers.

    By day the site takes on a different experience. Anubis not present. One sees the white beings flash past-sitting on the site one feels them pinching-sitting on the outer edge-an invite is heard to...
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    Re: Soma the drink of the Gods from the Vedas

    The flowers of the Syrian Rue are in bloom at present. When they turn to seed, crush-boil and filter. Looking forward to the communion with the healing spirit in the mountains of Oman😊
  12. Re: Can't Deny what's literally "Carved In Stone" Ancient Alien Engineers.

    Found myself at Abu Ghurab last night-no one there (site is closed to public) the deal with my fixer is that he puts me in these sites-he then bars entry to others-he gives me an opportunity to sit...
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    Re: Best place in the world to live?

    A lot of enlightened minds are descending on Abu Dhabi:UAE. Learn to meditate and your see the emerati as a surprise jewel😏
  14. Re: UNMISTAKEN CHILD: The true story of the search for a Reincarnated Master

    Masters of attachment
  15. Re: Overwhelmed by all the bad things happening in the world...

    Be patient, it's changing ;)
  16. Re: 1,000-year-old Buddha statue has a mummy inside

    What better means to hide, protect and continue to resonant post rainbow light.
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    Disaster management committees are spending huge amount of resources in the region preparing codes for radiation incidents in buildings. But the reality Is disgruntled contractors when losing...
  18. Re: French Nuclear Power Plants Are Being Besieged By UFO Sightings

    Is there a statistically higher incident of ufo sightings around nuclear facilities. If so then exploring the variables of influence one comes to a question could perceptually alterations be occuring...
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    Re: Tagore : The Spirit of Christmas

    the depth of the peace that descends upon after 25th the material maddness-may it expand
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    Re: Is Russell Brand a Rothschild shill?

    he aint no shill,
    cos if ee were
    hed be talking about this in his home town.
    in it!!
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