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  1. Re: The Australian Emperor who has no clothes: Hutt River"s Prince Leonard 1

    It's considered as a joke! I think King Leonard died, or was that his wife (I think Queen Shirley). No-one got really angry with him- he issued his own stamps and made laws for his principality which...
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    Re: The Future? Maybe?

    Terrific post Sam. We really need to understand what the impact of the various technologies will be--- and sometimes we won't like it.There just are not enough resources for us all to enjoy the...
  3. Re: Good news -- The Tasmanian Tiger is no longer extinct !

    Atlas-- you have no idea how much I wish you were right and the tiger is no longer extinct. Just imagine, we 'stupid apes' destroyed a species so recently that we were able to FILM the animal in its...
  4. Re: Important Message from Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

    Savannah- you may have intended sarcasm, I am a bit cynical myself, but by taking the question seriously conk has in fact proposed a solution, or at least an accommodation. If we expect misery and...
  5. Thread: Flat pack truck

    by Ellisa

    Re: Flat pack truck

    I saw this on the news last night. I think it is brilliant, and very much needed. It even has a ramp so will be able to be used for freight, and also for wheelchairs. The designer usually does...
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    Re: Spiritual Places to Visit in the U.K.?

    Someone else beat me to it--- Glastonbury Tor -- but also the ruins of the Abbey where king Arthur is supposed to be buried. Glastonbury is a favourite site mentioned as Camelot, and there is also...
  7. Re: Suggestions for Alternative treatment for facial tumor??

    You do not know whether the lump is cancerous yet? If it is, then it must be removed, or it will grow and possibly spread to other parts of your body.

    If it is not malignant then you say that...
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    Re: Denying Global Warming - there is no 'pause'

    Thank you Kapyong. I fully agree with you and found your first post very informative indeed, but as you can see from the responders, there are many on this site who remain unconvinced, and it has...
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    Re: UFO Activity and HMAS Hobart

    This is really interesting, and I have never heard of it before. Is there more information regarding these 'enemy helicopters"? They seem to be hostile/enemy-- but were they helicopters?
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    Re: Free Will and Voting

    Voting is not compulsory in Australia. Registering to vote at 18 and going to the polling station, getting a voting paper or a postal voting form and returning it is. However, what the voter writes...
  11. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    The Gulf Stream hardly gets a mention in discussions about Global Warming, but the fact is that the warm current that is the Gulf Stream is why in the recent past the climate of the British Isles has...
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    Re: Fairy creature DNA tested...and NO hoax!

    In Wales where I was born there was a strong belief in the Tylwyth Teg, ie the little people. My gran used to leave out a small bowl of milk or a little cake (drops from pancake making are still said...
  13. Re: The torture of children in an Australian detention center: looks bad, probably worse

    This news has caused a huge reaction in Australia--- mainly of shock and revulsion. A Royal Commission has been put in place, which is the highest form of legal inquiry that can be ordered, but it...
  14. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 19 July, 2016 - Chaos everywhere as current world order continues to collapse

    I thought that the Eiffel Tower smoke etc. was the result of fireworks going off for Bastille Day nearby. it was reported as that here. Of course that may be a cover story, but the fire and smoke was...
  15. Thread: Rockwall, Texas

    by Ellisa

    Re: Rockwall, Texas

    This i fascinating because it is so 'unknown' in spite of the fact the place is named after the feature.

    It seems that unexplained structures are often claimed to be natural formations--- the...
  16. Re: Theresa May to succeed Cameron as UK PM on Weds 13 July 2016

    Politics everywhere is getting quite strange ! There are no longer any certainties, and people seem not to trust the main parties (possibly with good reason). I'd love to know the real reason behind...
  17. Re: F*Ck Society...Australia Rigged Election or People Stupid?

    I think there is a good example of all the special little snowflakes thinking they are too smart to vote happening right now in the UK. Only about 35% of the younger voters bothered to vote and now...
  18. Re: F*Ck Society...Australia Rigged Election or People Stupid?

    It is compulsory to ENROL to vote if you are eligible. You can legally be fined for not enrolling- I concede this rarely happens. You are eligible to enrol if you are an Australian citizen over 18...
  19. Re: F*Ck Society...Australia Rigged Election or People Stupid?

    It is not compulsory to vote-- it is compulsory to register to vote if you are over 18. Then you must register to cast a vote on polling day. You can then do what you like-- drawing on the paper is...
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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    I agree with a lot you have said araucaria, but I think the problem is that if you allow the phrase "kids too young to remember" it should be followed by "folks too old to forget". There is a lot...
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