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    Re: Dolores Cannon 5D Earth is Here!

    This made my day, if laughter really helps extend lifespan i became immortal today.

    My opinion in a crude, direct,not complicated way.. : I think she is one of the best ET agenda pusher of all...
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    Re: Excellent Documentary on UFO Abduction Theory

    For me its the best documentary on the matter out there, not because i heard anything new ,but because what is already known is perfectly put together and explained in a very logical way. If someone...
  3. Re: Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth

    What you say is right , but i would go further, saying that for me its not seeing the positive or the negative, its seeing it for what it is. And if there are thousands of people being taken without...
  4. Re: Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth

    ''Quantum Odyssey'' and ''The Truth Is In There'', thank you for giving your point of view. I agree that in the big picture the concept of ''good'' and ''bad'' doesn't exist, that all is experience,...
  5. Re: Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth

    At the end of the video when asked about the ''negative'' aspect of Et intervention she absolutely denies it, in fact she affirms its positive,that they want us to succed, but they '' cant...
  6. Re: A personal reply to someone whose membership application was denied

    While my opinion regarding the GFL and ascencion is the same as Bill's, in fact in goes further, i am a little bothered by the way this way of filtering new membership works.

    It seems to me more...
  7. Re: Amazing UFO Close to the Ground in Bolivia, 7/7/2012

    And with 360 degrees of freedom to move, i am not even considering the third dimension, this ufo happened to fly exactly towards the video shooter's home, i mean you can see it coming exactly toward...
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    Re: Loving Unconditionally

    Thanks for this thread bekrah, i have had these questions about the meaning of ''unconditional love'' myself. I think of love in general as the end result of other procesess , as something you can't...
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    Re: Where are the good ETs?

    Unless they do it not for the reasons you and me hope. We know know they do it but not why. If we are so under control and considered ''food'', than maybe the real reason is not to let the whole...
  10. Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    I have already thanked houman for this thread from the first posts, i would just like to renew this again.

    I somehow feel obligated to tell that if i was asked what i know , or better : what my...
  11. Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Thanks Houman for these late extracts from Malanga's work, and some thoughts arise :

    In the RA material,didn't ''they'' (social memory complex ) claim that the larger pyramids were built by them...
  12. Re: How do you feel about the Vatican, Politicians and Illuminati?

    Well i guess if you were a child in africa suffering from hunger and diseases you wouldn't be thrilled about these possibilties the illuminati are offering you ? Why, not because you may not know we...
  13. Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Daughter of Time thanks for your contibution, i would like to explain further some of the work of this man. I will do it with my words,from what i have understood from him ,after having seen almost...
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    Is it really important who jesus was, i have never understood the obsession with these myths. I call it a myth because from my point of view ,now, i would be talking about someone i have no idea, for...
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    Re: It's not the truth.

    Truth may be just the most ''reasonable'' option out of many possible from a certain point of view. Thats why our truths change everyday, what we held as truth yeasterday becomes old news today, that...
  16. Thread: Time travel

    by tonius

    Re: The Damanhur Federation in Italy: a model plus time travel

    From what i have red about it, testimonials of people who have left it seems the typical cult structure. As it usually happens in this cases the outer impression doesnt correspond to what goes...
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    Re: What are YOU doing to change the world?

    The important thing is to give information, i wish i had someone tell me how things really are, i had to come to it on my own, with the help of forums like this of course, but shurely not a bit came...
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    Re: 'Who' is disinfo - spotting them here....

    Well, i took a deep breath and i am trying to think logicaly, and here is what comes out of my head :

    I would be concerned if there comes a moment people stop contradicting information, from the...
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    I think you got it right,more importantly the purpose of such structure, interesting how in some channelings its said to for the opposote purpose, being what it is its understandable...
  20. Re: Connect with your higher spirit guides and angels

    I ask myself the question, if we are all one , and if we already have our infinity in us, why do we rely on angels an higher spirit guides. This said it doesn't mean i have anything against them, at...
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