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  1. Re: Tool to Figure out Deeper Truths of the Universe [ET Lesson]

    “When saying balance applies to all things, I was not meaning everything is balanced. Just that ultimately everything is involved in balance.”

    You can fill a box up with water and oil and it will...
  2. Re: Tool to Figure out Deeper Truths of the Universe [ET Lesson]

    I agree that you cannot learn of good if you didn’t have the bad to define it. Evil exist solely to test the righteousness and fortitude of man/woman. You can’t learn the...
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    Re: I have shame

    This is how the manipulators work. They induce fear into the mind, enough so that the mind is hesitant in reacting to what is actually hindering it. When you think your safety is threatened because...
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    I’m curious…

    When you look into your telescope…can you confirm that you see planets/stars …or that you think you see giant orbs of what appears to be planets/stars?
    Can “you” also confirm (for...
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    Interesting, the mind can produce anything...but do you really want to produce something you know very little about...or was never your thoughts to begin with? This is how suffering comes in to play....
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    Where your mind is focused is where your world begins. Thoughts begin creation, so be very mindful of what you have on your mind. If your heart is at unease with the thoughts you’re focusing on…they...
  7. Re: Is the New Age Movement a Mind Control Program Like Mark Passio Says? (Passio's "Street-Wise Spirituality" talk)

    The term “New Age”, has always been about an Awakening process. Realizing, identifying the deceit and corruption in the world, waking up to your potential, your gullibility’s, your true purpose of...
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    Re: What about vaccines for pets?

    Pharma can keep their vaccines as far as I’m concern. Every pet/animal I've been around never needed medicine unless their environment/habitat was contaminated by man...and even then most figure out...
  9. Re: This 29 Year Old Woman Will End Her Own Life On Nov 1, 2014

    Who ever said death was a bad thing? We were all born to die. Going through life fearing the inevitable will make you weak and useless. You'll never live up to your full potential when your mind is...
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    I wonder if any other animal/creature/species on this planet allow themselves to be born into such conditions. Could we be the only life form here that's trained to uphold and be governed by corrupt...
  11. Re: Haemorrhagic fever / Ebola outbreaks have been reported - accident, natural or bio-weapon?

    Ebola popped up out of nowhere and started killing Africans over 2 decades ago. I hardly could get anyone to talk about it because it wasn’t directly affecting them…now years later the world...
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    Re: Why are there beginnings and endings?

    We are the magnificent insignificant, so amazing, so resilient, yet so withdrawn and fragile. We are unique as individuals…thou our collective mind set forge the future. We are “consciousness” in a...
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    Re: Federal Reserve - Gone

    Nice. It also wouldn't hurt if more people became more aware and involved. A lot of people just don't know. I'm sure if most of the nation actually understood how failing, flawed, and corrupt the Fed...
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    Wonder what the world will be like when today's kids become old enough to be grandparents...

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    Re: The "Proof of Evidence'' Thread

    Great Idea to have a thread dedicated to “proof/truth” concerning E.T….(still waiting for something to be implemented here).

    It’ll be Interesting to see how far this gets, how much truth is...
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    Re: The rising Babel of ET disinfo

    It’s best not to pay any of the Alien information any attention. We’ve done so for so long and all it’s ever done was corrupt our minds by promoting fear/ uncertainty/ and wild ideologies. What else...
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    Re: A website not to be ignored...

    It's quite apparent you are at peace with yourself, and that's great... through a state of passivity and interaction with oneself is indeed one form of exploration - but to act as though taking what...
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    Re: A website not to be ignored...

    Hi, BlueMuffin...

    What I post can be verified easily if exercised. To be clear…If you can’t find and trust yourself… how can you find it possible to trust someone else (or what they wrote/said)?...
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    Re: A website not to be ignored...

    You’ll have a hard time understanding life and dealing with life if you can’t understand/define your own purpose and worth in life. The journey starts and ends with you. On a personal level we must...
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    Re: My brain is only a receiver

    The body is a biological machine, an instrument used to conduct tests, study this environment/ realm/dimension. We operate it from a different place. Sought of like a video game where you control an...
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