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  1. Re: Volkswagen's new 300 mpg car not allowed in America

    Was it Billy Meier who painted San Franscisco earthquake pics where the clue to the date was that cars had no wing mirrors? Perhaps we're getting closer to this car being the new normal car...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, February 4, 2014

    Let's see what happens to Chinese Real Estate starting on February 10th... I feel nothing will happen as too many Chinese people will be upset...
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    Re: Polish citizens lose 48.74B USD pension money

    Wow, people in Poland better get fit so they can work 'till they die. Gos knows we're all in the same boat - SS Titanic of Pension Funds! Except the Titanic did hit the bottom, but the banker's...
  4. Re: Man Takes Over Super Bowl, With 9/11 Was Inside Job!

    Here's a follow-up video where Luke Rodowski from "we are change" interviews this man:

  5. Man Takes Over Super Bowl, With 9/11 Was Inside Job!

    Wow, this is awesome. It's time we all spread the truth about 9/11!

    Here's Alex Jones' take on the man taking over the super bowl!

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    Re: Another train derailment - Wisconsin

    Was this train driven by a human or a computer? This could be part of the agenda to fire all drivers and automate rail transport.
  7. Re: Turkey , 3 years in prison if medical aid is given to people

    This law is against a doctor's hippocratic oath and should be against treaties Turkey has signed. Maybe doctors shouldn't treat anyone and just go on strike?
  8. Re: Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests in two years // UKIP councillor blames storms and floods on gay marriage

    Concerning all the floods and storms happening after gay marriage - weren't there floods and worse weather before gay marriage too? For example, 1987 storms.
  9. Re: I had a vision of Reincarnation and the After Life. and it is recurring. Life Changing Meditative Experience

    It sounds like you were reincarnated within 5 mins - weren't you with God a long time? Did you get to know your Mother or choose her before reincarnating? It seems reincarnation and spiritual things...
  10. Re: Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (speech at Berkeley 1962)

    Since this is my favourite author and one of my favourite speeches , I've included it here as well:


    "Well now in regard to this problem of the ultimate revolution, this has been...
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    Re: Soren Dreier: Four Habits Of Happy People

    The Dalai Lama said being grateful is the biggest key to happiness in his book (The Art Of Happiness: A Handbook For Living).Here's part of a review on

    "Gyatso [The Dalai Lama] talks...
  12. Re: GM (General Motors) and the Evolution of Mass Surveillance (Peripheral Intelligence)

    There's ALOT planned next! Clue - Prince Charles said private-people shouldn't even own cars! Cars will self drive and then people can work or surf the net while "driving" & taxi or truck drivers...
  13. Pope admits there is no hell, adam and eve are not real (Satire - see Post #28)

    So, why should we believe anything else the Catholic Church has said since they lied all these years about this...
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    Re: Giraffe Was on Menu in Pompeii Restaurants

    Yum, let's eat some Giraffe (or create meat out of stem cells if they are endangered). - LOL - I'm joking.
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    Re: Detroit PD Chief To Citizens: Arm Yourselves

    The Detroit Police have been saying this for years. There's even signs up on some roads into the city saying things like "The Police can't protect you here." Since we are looking at this topic...
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    Re: The Flight is booked !

    Here's what I do when I travel:
    1. I print out a fictional itinerary from showing a return flight 2 weeks later (I've found they never check if I've paid for it).
    2. Take 3+ old debit...
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    Re: Dutchsinse New Radio Show

    I'm listening to it now - thanks for posting...
  18. Re: Your papers, please! (or I'll tase your sorry butt and throw you in jail)

    I've been following Pastor Anderson for a long time. You couldn't get a more clean-cut up-standing citizen and this is how he is treated!

  19. Thread: Happy New Year!

    by Mulder

    Re: Happy New Year!

    A happy new year to you and your family:
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    Re: I just found out, I might be a psychic?

    Thanks Jagman, I'll look more into this in my spare time. I'll have to make a New Year's resolution to post more on Avalon as I've had a "rest" for the last few weeks...
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