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  1. Re: The 2020 New York Times UFO story has hit the wires

    .. oh, and he:-

    Nothing out of the ordinary then...


  2. Re: Would God really send people to hell....

    Depends which God you are referring to.....


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    Re: Julian Assange--YOUR future

    As a reminder, here's a link to a GoFundMe Fundraiser to help with Julian Assange's legal battle. It's put out by his mother Christine.

    I think that anyone who values honest open journalism and...
  4. Re: Breaking The Silence! Luis Elizondo finally talks to John Greenewald

    As far as I remember, Daniel Robillard, AKA Daniel Liszt, of Dark Journalist has been categoric about this from the outset ie regarding Luis Elizondo.
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    Re: Home Fermentation

    I've had lots of success fermenting vegetables. It's so simple and so healthy.

    ..... but I have never yet tried Fermenting a whole Home



  6. Re: The Top Scientists Admit They Already Know This Secret | Gregg Braden

    Enjoying this thread.

    John (Exomatrix): your clip really gave me a giggle. Thanks for that.

    Chris (greybeard):

    Question: if you are sure of something how is it possible to remain open...
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    Re: Russell Brand

    He totally lost me when he did that about turn from 'don't vote' to 'vote labour' a couple of elections back.


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    Re: Music Thread ~ CLASSICAL ~

    Maurice Durufle's Requiem has been haunting me recently. If choral music speaks to you, I recommend a listen... although (like a lot of my favourite pieces) it's kind of an acquired taste: grows on...
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    Re: Music Thread ~ CLASSICAL ~

    Snap, Doug (re Rachmaninov 3rd). It was a high point of my career as a pianist to play this concerto... Although it starts off with disarming simplicity, the work seems to cover a whole world of...
  10. Re: The inexplicable experiences of Chris Bledsoe

    It seems to me like this is definitely one to watch, as an unfolding case.

    Interesting that Richard Dolan made a link between Chris Bledsoe's first encounter (if I remember correctly) and the...
  11. Re: Angels Are Real And Much More Fun To Write About

    That's an interesting perspective, Bill. How do you back it up?


  12. Re: Angels Are Real And Much More Fun To Write About

    This certainly resonates, Tyy1907, but what information do you have on this and where from?


  13. Re: Losing Contact in the Desert: The 2017 Fake-Over of American Ufology

    Great well-grounded perspective, and it seems good to have on the record, especially with the English transcription. Thanks for posting.

    Am I being thick? I can't work out who the actual author...
  14. Re: Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor--Bolton, Trump Recreating Nazi Ideology

    Kind of sobering and chilling words between the 14'-15' mark, I found. Thanks for sharing this.


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    No. At the risk of stating the obvious, there is a chasm of a difference between 'irrefutable proof' at the one end of the scale and opinions at the other (with plenty of 'he said', 'she said' in...
  16. Re: Gnostic Christianity and Eastern Philosophy - An invitation to Private Study

    HI Truthster, and thanks for starting this thread. There is something in your earnest investigation which attracts me, and I would like to weigh in. I have tried to read most of the posts so far,...
  17. Re: Let's talk about vitamins and minerals and supplements, starting from scratch

    Since three/four years ago, my partner and I have eaten a whole-foods plant-based diet, almost exclusively organic, and at least 50% raw. We grow already quite a lot of our own (more and more),...
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    Re: Free EFT training

    Hi and thanks for sharing this @ichingcarpenter.

    I keep meaning to get into this. I have to admit that sites like this - with their commercialised approach - tend to leave me feeling a bit...
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    Re: The Future of Internet Forums

    Hi all,

    Thanks Bill for starting this thread. I have already learned a lot by reading (most of) the posts. I am deeply grateful for all that Avalon offers, and the great way in which it is run.
  20. Re: A path to soil health and food independence

    I too would like to recommend Masunoba Fukuoka's book 'The One Straw Revolution' wholeheartedly. There are also some documentaries about him kicking around on Youtube.

    With his Zen...
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