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  1. Re: Reptilians Among Us - The Alien Race 'Here' On Earth - Viewer Discretion

    I have similar thoughts on the subject , but am totally open minded and
    the Reptiles were on the planet before mammals if we believe evolution.
    The video above is not by Davis Icke , though some...
  2. Re: Thank you Bill and Kerry for Catapulting my awakening (and others)

    I remember the John Lear, then the Gordon, Green, Boriska, Dean - then I was in! Man it seems so long ago eh? Bottom almost everything with information is out now, the problem is, no one cares about...
  3. Re: 24 Nov 2014 - Young Volcanoes on the Moon

    awww NASA - when you gonna come clean?
  4. Re: "Origins" Exclusive Worldwide Premiere

    Kind of like a "health Zeitgeist" good stuff :)
  5. Re: Satanists under Investigation? -- Common Law Court

    This is more information , the deathbed confession of a satanist.

    Man I hate these satanic pedos.
  6. Re: Is This 'Rare' Cloud Formation a Haarp Hole?

    I saw it while drinking morning coffee live- looked like a ship to me.
  7. Re: Who created the reptilians and the AI species?

    It's a great question.

    So far my sources Val Valerian i believe who did the matrix books (manuals) said a jellyfish like entity created them to actually mess with humans! (i think you'll find a...
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    You must carry the right vibration for ET to contact you.

    And it will change your life - and the ego gets all out of whack - you become all "OOOH I'm the one!" kind of deal - or there is always...
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    Re: Mrs Dolores Cannon has left Earth!

    I was so lucky to be have taught Quantum Healing by her - amazing.

    She was/is an awesome lady - that helped so many people. Let's hope those that continue the healing/s tribute to her teachings.
  10. Re: How Do You Pronounce The Name 'Jesus'?

  11. Re: Shut Up 'Conspiracy Theorist' [CorbettReport NwoSatire]

    awesome - reposted great video mate. :)
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    The Book of Man
    Thought this deserves its own thread. Immense work imo.

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    Re: Thoughts About Creation
  14. Re: Mysterious red glow spotted over the Pacific

    ...and only 1 single photo? pffft.
  15. Re: Arrests! Child murder prevented in Montreal, Canada several people in custody!!

    Interesting... Stephen Holding
  16. Re: Arrests! Child murder prevented in Montreal, Canada several people in custody!!

    This is the main way to rip the heads off Hydra by targeting their perverse satanic feel good cults. I hope every one of these organizations is unveiled and destroyed - along with the participates....
  17. Re: Kerry Cassidy interviews Simon Parkes


    I liked the interview, yet Kerry seemed a bit stand ofish with her "guest" Simon Parkes. I wish Kerry would remember her opinions arn't really what interviewing is about. It seems each new...
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    Re: Michelle Obama's System Malfunction
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    Here's my thread on the same subject

    I am still undecided - but Ukraine has not been very...
  20. Re: Photos suggest crashed Malaysian jet was MH-370

    Another piece of the puzzle.
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