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    Re: What book changed your life?

    Conversations With God changed my life at a time when i most needed it and has led me down
    a long road of discovery.
    But the most important book in terms of real, practical life altering change is...
  2. Re: I discovered strange looking Stars that could be proof of ET existence in space, you decide

    Sorry if this is a silly question but can i ask if these lights in straight lines around stars
    are mapped. As in do they appear on the GSC?
    Or are they uncatalogued?

    Sorry again. I just read...
  3. Re: American Airforce Whistleblower on Chemtrails

    I grew up in the country ( se QLD Australia) and my mum still lives out there on about
    8000acres. This particular area of Queensland has recently seen a huge influx of
    Gas Fracking. All the farms...
  4. Re: American Airforce Whistleblower on Chemtrails

    Very brave lady. She gives some hope that there are people still
    out there willing to risk all for the good of mankind.
    I shall be sharing this with some sceptical reletives of mine.
  5. Re: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

    Going global as you say "could" possibly be a good thing maybe, but the other side of that coin is once the World is under the control of one Gov
    what's to stop another Hitler or Bush for that...
  6. Re: All photos of Bin Laden ordered to be destroyed by military

    Thanks for the links Swoods i'll read them with interest. I do remember watching a 60minutes tv interview with one of
    the supposed Seal members,who had to wear a disguise.
    I'm sorry for replying...
  7. Re: Kerry Cassidy: U.S run by Space Aliens/Nazis..!

    Great job Tesla,
    I think your intuitions are right on the money... this is exactly what the oracles of delphi did, there is power in the minds of 'young innocents' (unadulterated women (and...
  8. Re: All photos of Bin Laden ordered to be destroyed by military

    Do you know for sure that SEAL team 6 were killed, because although i heard the same story i wasn't sure if it was a verified fact or a "conspiracy theory".
    In regards to the whole BinLaden story i...
  9. Re: LLOYD PYE of the Starchild Project Died Tonight

    Very sad. One of the good ones.
    My best wishes go out to all his family and friends.
    The Truth community has lost an important and couragious researcher and investigater.
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    Re: Evolution is a blind watchmaker

    sums it up... even Dawkins Evolutions greatest "Proponent" (and most impotent .. haha) admits the possibility, no the necessity of a intelligence (talk about stinking hypocrisy... he totally caved...
  11. Re: Steven Greer's core team has apparently left him (long report by Alfred Webre)

    Just as an aside, while we're all sitting around debating Greer and who's lying? and whats the truth?
    The PTB are laughing their tits off.
    Any progress made by Stephen Bassett in getting former...
  12. Re: Steven Greer's core team has apparently left him (long report by Alfred Webre)

    I disagree, I think that by definition this means his heart is not in the right is overshadowed by the ego, and behind his self absorbtion

    I'm not talking about Greer; I don't know...
  13. Re: Steven Greer's core team has apparently left him (long report by Alfred Webre)

    All this stuff is just crazy to me. How my times are we going to sit at our computers
    speculating about this researcher or that one being compromised.
    99% of the researchers out there including...
  14. Re: Steven Greer's core team has apparently left him (long report by Alfred Webre)

    I think they're both a bit iffy myself, but if i had to choose which one
    to believe or trust it wouldn't be Mr Webre.
    Mr Greer maybe be compromised in my opinion either willingly or by some form...
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    Re: Russell Brand handles MSM!

    Intelligence is a powerful weapon.
    Especially when used with good and loving intention.
    I think Mr Brand is really something special.
    His use of the English langauge is tremendous.
  16. Re: Is there still some 'HOPE' left for Australian Politics..?

    In my opinion Clive Palmer is simply looking out for his OWN best interests and doing what all
    good politians do and claiming it's for our own good.
    What he's saying about the CIA may well have...
  17. Re: Dr. Steven Greer on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

    Having listened to the whole thing i have to say that even though i was almost completely
    convinced that Greer had or always was a disinfo agent, that i now am.
    Although i can't remember which...
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    Re: Reverse Engineering a UFO - History Channel

    Seems like more misdirection and disimformation to me.
    Stan Deyo does an excellant job of explaining how anti-gravity
    vehcles work and the machenics of ufo's.
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    Re: Awesome ufo footage

    at least two of those objects are planes and another one is a helicopter
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    Re: How To Handle A Petty Tyrant

    It takes tremendous courage to do what David Ike did by going back to the Wogan show and he did show grace and calm under pressure.
    As for the Jesse Ventura Interview i don't begrudge a man who ...
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