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    Re: Grasshoppers

    my daughter lives in Dundas, Ontario so perhaps I can get her to do some detective work to find out if that grasshopper snuff film was actually made this year???
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    Re: Grasshoppers

    you guys are funny.....I have seen them here but then I think mostly what I am seeing is perhaps you are right there is a lack of grasshoppers this year....I don't normally have them...
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    Re: Grasshoppers

    Earthlink.....I'm in small town Ontario too and they are all over the place!
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    Re: How the Sun Sees You!

    I believe that sunblock is causing cancer not helping......the rate of skin cancer has dramatically INCREASED since we all started slathering ourselves with sun block....getting a sunburn is our...
  5. Re: Seanad Eireann Exposing Israel War Crimes Just Like Ron Paul did!

    wow, gotta love his enthusiasm ......brilliant
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    Re: Barry King needs healing now

    you're in my thoughts and my heart.....sending you a virtual healing blanket
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    Re: Film trailer for 'The Grounded 2'

    here is a link to Grounded 2 available at Mercolas page until 8/8/14
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    Re: How are Avalonians feeling to day?

    I am feeling like absolute sh!t......crying all the time , finding things to be upset about everywhere I husband who has been doing this thing with the sun lately, standing barefoot, shirt...
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    Re: I am the universe

    I have gone through it quickly but I dont see how you change it back....can you possibly provide the formula
  10. Sticky: Re: The Faces of Avalon - new YouTube channel for forum members

    just found this thread as I was away for a few weeks and though it worth a bump!!
    I subscribed and was surprised only 133 subscriptions in a month! plus in typical YouTube fashion it did not change...
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    Re: The Best Drinks in the World

    distilled water... I drink a gallon a day........tastes so smooth and soft going down.

    I also love a pint of Smithwicks ;)

    I juice breakfast, strawberries, banana, kefir, raw organic egg,...
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    Re: Pray for Peace

    Reba McEntire just released this new song called Pray for Peace......the video is at the link above
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    Re: Pope's Reign Possibly Just Shortened...

    maybe he should have started by excommunicating all the paedophile priests??
  14. Re: Past Life Regression Therapy - Anyone been to one?

    love the B dialogue.......I had the same thing, I was answering her questions and my mind kept saying "you're making this up".....its a very weird feeling.
  15. Re: Beware of Superbugs-your life may depend on it

    my daughter had campylobacter a couple of years ago, she ended up in emergency in a quarantined room twice in 3 days , totally dehydrated and on IV.....she was working with dogs (in a kennel that...
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    Re: Father's Day

    luckily I have the best father ever, so kind and loving and gentle. great sense of humour too......and my husband is a fantastic girls both adore him....for those who had the less than...
  17. Re: Schoolgirl films bizarre dancing ball of light in the sky

    I was trying to find this thread but failed, so started another one here....
    My daughter saw...
  18. Re: PLANTAR FASCIITIS ?? ~ You NEED to see this

    I haven't been near a doctor for this in over 15 years, after he poked my foot, sent me through the roof with pain and I screamed "what the hell did you do that for?????" he said you have plantar...
  19. Re: Swirling FIREBALLS in the sky in Ontario ~ June 14th

    thanks Fairy Friend, I searched several times and didn't come up with that thread but I was certain that I had seen something about this already.

    If the mods wish to merge these two threads?
  20. Swirling FIREBALLS in the sky in Ontario ~ June 14th

    This week a video was released by an 11 year old school girl in England showing a flaming ball of fire swirling around in the sky.....she recorded it and its been posted to
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