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    Re: Meditation Group.

    Hi Tony,

    I've been looking into the different types of meditation for a while now and practicing silent mind for a few months but recently I've been feeling I need to move onto something...
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    Re: We Need to Depopulate the Earth

    I can see where SL is coming from. To a point.
    Overpopulation is becoming a problem, but that dosnt mean we have to start culling people, thats a step we shouldnt even consider.
    So what other...
  3. Re: I wish to heal something but im not sure how to do it.

    Hi, Kingmonkey.

    I'm not sure if this'll be the kind of help youre looking for, but a while ago I tried various techniques to try and improve my own memory. One of the ways I settled on, alongside...
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    Re:UFO over Russia - Dec 23 2011, 5 witnesses

    Good vid. Plasma, maybe? But that metal sphere in the middle looks exactly like something I saw 10 years ago.
  5. Re:Anunnaki - Eating Gold? Not for the atmosphere??

    I was reading about this recently. I'll check some books but in the mean time, I'll tell you what I remember from it until I can get back to you on the details.
    The general theme was that reducing...
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    Re: Inelia's full interview now published

    Thank you both, Inelia and Bill.

    That interview put a new lens infront alot of events, feelings, hunches and general 'thingies' and 'somethings' that have been cropping up for many years.
  7. Re: For those begining a spiritual experience through meditation...

    Thank you for the links and the advice! Theres quite alot to consider but I'm sure a path will show through. Cheers guys!
  8. For those begining a spiritual experience through meditation...

    Hello, Avalonians!

    The internet is full of many different ideas of where to start and how to focus the mind and I imagine that it would be very similar on here as each persons experenice is...
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    Poll: Re: Adverts for Avalon?

    How about Chinese? :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

    ! ..... :decision: Chinese are fine :o
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    Poll: Re: Adverts for Avalon?

    Taking some finacial burden off Bills shoulders would be a great idea, the guy is busy enough without having to worry too much about income to keep the site up. As long as theres no one trying to...
  11. Re: Triangle UFO being escorted or intercepted By Jets, Bridlington UK, March 09, 201

    Good shooting with the camera. I've heard of more reports of UFO's coming from the North East of England, can anyone substantiate this?
  12. Re: NASA and Alien Life - By Law NASA Is NOT Allowed To Tell The Truth

    It's strange that even though thats in the public domain theres very little noise being made about it. Even would be whistle blowers would allude to that if they wanted to evade the question and give...
  13. Re: NASA and Alien Life - By Law NASA Is NOT Allowed To Tell The Truth

    Wow. Just Wow.

    I wonder how long someone would get for just coming straight out and saying 'Yeah, theres stuff up there. By Law we're not supposed to say, but, you know...'

    It's hard to imagine...
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    Portrait of a Moment

    I stand at the place where the water meets the sand. My eyes are closed but for the first time, it seems, I am truly seeing the world for what it is.
    I drove here, without purpose or effort. I...
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