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  1. Re: Fishing -- With and Without Traditional Gear

    Hello tesla,your fishing post has left me baffled,as far as im aware fishing is when you go into a large supermarket and the equipment needed is a shopping trolley, or i believe you call them carts!...
  2. Re: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the Future

    How old is this story? its just that i seem to have heard this awhile ago but apologies if its new exomatrixTV
  3. Re: Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston

    Hi lysander,wish i was there too,enjoy your coffee and memories.
  4. Re: Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston

    I have to agree with everyone present it was a really nice way to spend a few hours,in the company of like minded people and it was a bonus to have miles turn up at our little avalon soiree,by the...
  5. Re: Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public Eye

    Hi michaelv,yeah lots of info in this film though to be fair most of it isnt new, but still v interesting, although i did find the narrators voice very irritating.
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    Re: The Astrology of Ziggy Stardust

    thanks for posting this dianna,David bowie has been my musical hero since i was 14,when one day my older sister asked me if i would like to borrow an album which i had not heard of called"Hunky...
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    Re: Re-Incarnation The Drip Continues

    Hi ghostrider, i dont know if this will help you but i have just finished reading a book entitled;The disappearance of the universe.written by Gary.r. renard.if you have an interest in past lives,...
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    Re: Neil Keenen Up Dates

    Thanks for posting this Referee, the world needs people like keenen,..icke,...dolan et al and we are indebted to them.
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    Re: Wireless electricity? It's here

    This may not be a new idea as pointed out above by ghostrider(hi ghostie) but getting it into peoples homes,well THAT would be a leap forward,although im not sure how the power companies would take...
  10. Re: Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston

    count me in too spirithorse.
  11. Re: Stan Romanek Alien Footage - UFO Contact Documentary

    Thanks for posting this studeo,i had heard some claims about stan romanek being a fake and just trying to make some cash from this so im glad iv now seen your what a story,thanks again.
  12. Re: Is is a boat? Is it a plane? No, it's the Russian EKRANOPLAN

    it reminds me of something from thunderbirds,cheers bill.
  13. Re: Kerry Cassidy: Timothy Good - Earth An Alien Enterprise (Exposed)

    Like a lot of us here on avalon i admire tim good and kerry cassidy,but some of his answers and his tone of voice made me squirm,i really got the impression he was irritated by her or just didnt like...
  14. Re: Spring time soon... Time for some fitness with your partner

    i could do that real easy.....i just dont want too!!
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    Re: UFO Disclosure: The Afterlife Angle

    thanks azt
  16. Re: 6 Ways To Resist Alien Abduction and Manipulation

    nasi novare coram... thanks S-L i shall memorise this chant
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    Re: Excecution of Marius at Copenhagen Zoo

    truly disgusting and unnecessary
  18. Re: Watch this video about eugenics - from RT tv

    Bill gates and monsanto......truly disgusting.
  19. Re: Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

    praise the lord for russell brand,i mean apart from the fact that he is a west ham fan everything he said had me punching the air and shouting "right on russ". what a brilliant interview..russell...
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    Re: The history of the Illuminati explained

    hello cider iv tried listening to your radio link but i cant get it to play,im interested in the subject matter..any suggestions my old friend.
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