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  1. Re: Mt. Shasta Revealed: Mysteries and Legends of Northern California

    Hello Cort, I really don't see my book in competition with yours Mount Shasta is a big enough place to allow for more than one viewpoint. And as we've been friends on Facebook for years, you know...
  2. Re: Telluric Currents, Geomorphology, Ley Lines, "Workings" and related

    The nature of electricity may dictate that this energy does not manifest itself in straight lines or specific points. Watch the movie "Midnight in...
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    Re: Not Quite Farewell

    I hear ya big guy. I too came back after a long absence. I still read things here a few times a week though. I will still post things here and there if relevant.
  4. Re: Kanye West hospitalized, under psychiatric evaluation

    Right and I also seem to remember Bruce/Caitlin Jenner having a car accident and going through some bizarre things just before she came out as identifying as a woman......Something is up with this...
  5. Re: Kanye West hospitalized, under psychiatric evaluation
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    Re: What is truth?

    There is a historical truth to all of these concepts that is consistently ignored. I am not talking about the literature and musing of those who believe this or that. There is proof in genealogy,...
  7. Re: Project Camelot | 3rd November 2016 | Jay Weidner - Deep Space

    Always digging what Jay has to say. I will definitely check this out later. Thanks.
  8. Re: The Nibiru Chronicles (parody very funny)

    I'm not so sure they are ever going to get to Nibiru or Niribu as they call it. LOL. The episode w/ the zombies and brain burgers is priceless. The band gets their name from the movie "Conspiracy...
  9. The Nibiru Chronicles (parody very funny)

    A few of my friends in the band Gravybrain made this comedy series about a spaceship on its way to Nibiru. Though is is a parody some of the band are into the alt truth scene and are just having some...
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    Re: All about TURMERIC

    I was exposed to industrial lubricants on a construction site about seven years ago. I had long hair and some of the people there thought it would be funny to spray this in my hardhat every day for a...
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    Re: New "Cyclic Cross of Hendaye" discovered




    Yes of course did not mean to forget Vincent Bridges. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Here is a pic of the original cross, the new cross, and the tetragrammeton from St....
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    Re: New "Cyclic Cross of Hendaye" discovered

    Thanks. Lara found it though! I will try to post some of the pictures she took here but I think the files are too big. She also went to what should be known of as the "Rosslyn Chapel" of France the...
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    New "Cyclic Cross of Hendaye" discovered

    Here is an example of a great benefit of social media. My friend in Europe Lara Lamberti read my work on the Great Cyclic Cross of Hendaye. This in part inspired her to visit Hendaye where she took...
  14. The New Atlantis of Lower Manhattan, IXXI, and St. Paul's Chapel

    Why was a New Jerusalem erected in the ashes of IXXI? Here is a link to an article that will appear as a chapter in an upcoming book. There are some really amazing connections between little known...
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    Re: Here's a Waterfall for you. Very serene

    This was taken late in the summer so Burney falls is going all year round! It is a special place though it is a State Park and they charge to go there. Other than that it is a great place to go with...
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    Here's a Waterfall for you. Very serene

    Here is some footage that I captured at Burney Falls in N. California this summer. The sound of the water there is mesmerizing and it is a very nice place to visit. Not far from Mt. Shasta.
  17. Re: FBI re-opens probe into Hillary Clinton emails (28 Oct 2016)

    Batten down the hatches this is going to get ugly. Crazy stuff. I can't remember an election like this and I have been paying attention since I was 12. If there was classified info on Weiner's...
  18. Re: Mt. Shasta Revealed: Mysteries and Legends of Northern California

  19. Re: Mt. Shasta Revealed: Mysteries and Legends of Northern California

    I can tell by your intentionally obtuse questions you don't really understand anything at all. If you think Jacobites are associated with Jacob then you are lost right there. That is something you...
  20. Re: Russia vs USA - Putin vs Obama Dealing with ISIS - Spot The Difference!

    One of the factors we see ignored in this conflict is a common religious mores between Russia and the Orthodox faith in Syria. Russia has re-adapted its Orthodox faith and this is not seen as a...
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