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    Also, the line between the close up area and the distance and mountainous area is unmistakable. Look closely at the picture Bill posted. Jay Weidner explains this as front screen projection. He...
  2. Re: Science is clear: climate change not causing extreme weather

    Can anyone please tell me how a tax can change the weather? Seriously.
  3. Re: How Hillary could sneak back into the White House

    A nightmare scenario!
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    Re: Some interesting writing from John Lear

    Agreed thepainterdoug. I have found the more I work on it the easier it gets. Was really tough at first.
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    Re: Some interesting writing from John Lear

    Living life with integrity, avoiding hate greed and envy is not as easy as it sounds. Try it sometime.
  6. Re: MUFON Whistleblower's Explosive Allegations with Erica Lukes

    To quote Eric Hoffer, "Every great movement becomes a business and later a racket" .
  7. Re: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposes The Dark Side Of Politics In 5 Incredible Minutes

    She is the reincarnation of Eva Peron.
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    Re: Time is up, Q. I'm calling you out.

    Yes Mike Gorman. But I'm sorry to say that we must add the Bushes to your list.
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    Re: Time is up, Q. I'm calling you out.

    There are, of course, trolls on this forum. Fortunately, they are fairly easy to spot.
  10. Re: Inguinal Hernia Mesh Surgery ... Any experiences to Share

    I had this procedure done about 5 years ago. It went fine, no complications.
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    Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    I was not offended by the ad.
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    If you see these 2 guys walking toward you I would advise to go to the other side of the street.
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    Re: An open letter to the Fed

    John William's Shadow Stats has inflation at 6-9% when based on 1980 or 1990 method of determining it. How can Yellen not know this? The government under reports inflation to keep Social Security...
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    Re: Jordan Maxwell Interview Ends Horribly!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Jordan is good at drilling down to core truths. Jordan did not come here to make people feel good.
  15. Re: Mossad Expert Accidentally Tells Truth in 'Freudian Slip'?

    Bill, up until this morning, I was able to click on "share", then "email". A box would appear to fill in with the email of the recipient. Below that was a box for a short note. Then you could send...
  16. Re: Mossad Expert Accidentally Tells Truth in 'Freudian Slip'?

    Interesting that YOUTUBE would not allow me to forward the video from their site.

    Mod note from Bill: please say more about what you tried to do (what does 'forward the video' mean? It's...
  17. Re: Psychological 'vaccine' could help immunize public against 'fake news' on climate change

    Sounds like a great mind control mechanism.
  18. Re: Project Camelot Interviews Simon Parkes | Changing Our World

    Hmmmmmmm. Lucidity
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    Re: Apparent Email Hack with Veiled Warning

    Thanks Justplain. I have seen quite a lot of information about Michelle O (Michael Robinson?). Unfortunately I was unable to access the link in your posting. It stopped my internet connection...
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    I thought Obama was supposed to stop the sea level from rising. What happened?
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