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    Dante Santori: AHK

    Hello all, I am looking to find people who follow Dante Santori. I know many of you are aware of him, and many of you are quick to write his information off as hogwash. That is fine with me, I am...
  2. Re: Dante Santori says alien invasion on Sept 9, 2016


    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    T**a, I see you deleted your account here. If you find your way back here please find a way to message me, I want to give you an email so we can stay in contact....
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    Re: Nibiru's return....

    Niburu is a ship, not a planet. And the Anunakene look just like us, rather we look just like them, because we ARE a certain sense.
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    Re: Were we warned to stay away from the moon?

    There's more to this than just what you see in this image, but here's a glimpse
  5. Re: Ancestry websites will find unknown or hybrid DNA soon

    I think locating more hybrids is exactly what this "Ancestry" type of stuff is for. It is getting more accessible by the minute and half of the tests are hardly even accurate, because the "results"...
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