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  1. Re: NASA announces international Artemis Accords to standardize Moon Exploration

    Like we say Never A Straight Answer.:clapping:
  2. Re: What's the first piece of music you spent your own money on?


    I went to Scotts 5 and dime to buy this 45 when I was 8 years old I felt so cool.
    I was a smoker and joker LOL!

    The Axman
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    Re: Meanwhile, back on the Moon

    Nothing to see here folks its just swamp gas.

    The Axman
  4. Re: Nasa: Something Massive Is Being Monitored Above Our Planet

    As my grand daughter at NASA said to the staff.

    Never A straight Answer

    LOL The Axman
  5. Re: The psychopaths now possess their final solution for humanity.

    No we are to discuses ways of finding the avenues needed to break this apart and I believe Constance has some valid starting points.

    Just my 2 cents

    The Axman
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    Re: Draw your sword, things are about to get real.

    Well Constance I have to say I have had my own not necessarily sword but my own inner moral stance.

    Growing up my parents where divorced and my mom was MIA trying to make a living.

    So I was in...
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    Re: John Prine has passed

    Another good player down sad.

    The Axman
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    Re: Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! Bill Gates...

    You Bet he needs a needle of every vaccine he wants to unleash on society inserted into his left buttocks cheek to make sure its safe.

    The Axman
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Come on why ? Not sure what your doing ?

    Dont think so sorry to hear that my friend. Not right.

    The Axman
  10. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Same tonight all over cast awesome night I will still be outside.

    The Axman
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    Poll: Re: Do you read/study the Bible at all?

    I have read it used to study it.i was raised Lutheran and confirmed.
    As I got old I new from a young age there was more to the stories.Being a repair person electronics mech. Ect. I new the miracle...
  12. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Awesome day today here but complete chemtrailed skies so no night vision of the skies bummer. I have been waiting for it to warm up here so we can get out.

    The Axman
  13. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Hi Axman, which part?[/QUOTE]

    The issue about air traffic. Since I am here. The air traffic in and out of both airports is down to a quarter of the flights. Which equated to about 300 flights...
  14. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Thanks Sunny S Up
    I do think that does derail your OP
    Sorry but I will look into it.

    The Axman
  15. Thread: Here for you

    by Axman

    Re: Here for you

    like I say you are one of a kind and thank you for offering what you have learned. Welcome back

    The Axman
  16. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Hey Sunny Side Up no very very few I have heard a couple the other night but it was cloudy out.
    Everything here has come to a screeching halt.
    I have still be working but most have not skies are...
  17. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    There is nothing moving here in the skies outside Chicago which is very odd. There are 2 major airport routes that fly out of the city. Nothing for the last week very very odd.
    Never been this quit...
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    Re: Interdimensional and Extraterrestrial

    This is my thought but said much better than I.
    Just thought I would pop in and agree.

    The Axman
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    Re: Julia (HereToGrow) may lose her home

    Tell me how and where. I can help and would be honored.

    The Axman
  20. Re: President Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address

    Thanks Running Deer on top of the news Threads.
    Your the best

    The Axman
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