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    Re: The Evolution of the Film Industry...

    While i agree there is alot of bleak themes and visualizations in movies today, rather than seeing it as illuminatti propaganda i seem to view it as a warning to wake people up. Films like Oblivion...
  2. Re: Shadow People on Monsters and Mysteries in America S02E03

    About 6 months ago, after a strange sleep with very strange dreams - i woke up to find a shadow being sitting on the side of my bed. I sleep on the left side of a double bed, the figure was sitting...
  3. Re: Britain's Former Top Spy Threatens To Expose The 'Dodgy Dossier' Used To Push Iraq War

    it was not about oil
  4. Re: Britain's Former Top Spy Threatens To Expose The 'Dodgy Dossier' Used To Push Iraq War

    wtf , just threaten..? it man for wtf's sake is he waiting for the Queen to come over for tea or something ... ? :) an article about a dude who might do awesome :)
  5. Re: 2002 email from Rockefeller outlining Armageddon Agenda and NWO transition

    why would rockefeller have an australian email address ?
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    Re: Nanoo Nanoo's Movie Review Thread : 0 )

    Dark City is one of my favs - was it the directors cut? if so nice work :)
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    Re: Clif High's Last Wujo

    its about the power of belief if enough people think ww3 will happen guess what..its on But dont worry i am on it, not on my watch
  8. Re: Space port America.....First purpose built comercial space port......Home of Vigin Galactic

    While it sucks that mainly uber rich people will be the first ones out is a good precedent because maybe now (in the years ahead) we can get some honest reports of what is happening out...
  9. Re: Alex Jones Praises Anti Illuminati Film 'Oblivion'

    Yeah its cool but its not new...artists have been warning about this for 100's of years...but it is cool non the less :) my person fave about this type of thing is V for Vendetta - its not far from...
  10. Re: Alex Jones Praises Anti Illuminati Film 'Oblivion'

    Tom cruise is neither light nor dark - he is someone who thinks they 'know' - anyone who thinks they 'know' is mistaken. While he may be misguided at least he has conviction :)
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    Re: Working gun made with 3D printer

    Nice now all the crazies can have guns seet as yee haww (facepalm) ....this is not a good thing
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    Re: I (Bill) am being impersonated on Facebook.

    I Have posted several things on the website Bill, trying to make it clear....i will do so every few hours if i have to...untill this scam is gone :)
  13. Re: Pine Gap (Area 52) in the Movies...About Time..! Go see 'Crawlspace' 2012...

    thanks for that, its not bad at all, and quite understated and realistic (in terms of themes and possibilities). we need some insiders from pine gap to spill some beans....
  14. Re: Child Porn 'Normal' Claim By Saturn-Worshipping Pope Sparks Outrage Among Victims

    Fuucck yeah! - its pretty plain that jesus (even if you just take his existence as philosophy) would not have a thing to do with ANY established main steam religion LEAST of all the catholic (we like...
  15. Re: Hungry for some 'Answers' - The 'Pentagram of BLOOD' the Numbers don't LIE..?!

    Hmmm...there are that many 'nasty events' you could drop a pentagram almost anywhere on earth and plot bad things that happened along the line...
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    Re: Project Camelot now paid membership only??

    yeah i was shocked at first, but hey they do good work, and i am sure there will still be some free stuff coming out - its time to stop taking other peoples experiences and time to start having your...
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    Re: Red Ice Creations

    I am a red ice subscriber, they do awesome work - and no freakn adds :)
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    Re: David Icke takes us on a Tour of his Mansion & Shows Off his Bentley..?

    Nice one Dave, as a musician i know what he means...when you are passionate the reward comes from the act of pursuing and nurturing that passion more than money ever could. I am also a teacher and a...
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    Re: Banned Ron Paul Commercial

    Go Ron Paul, for the first time in a very long time America has a chance at a real President...i just hope enough people vote, i know in America there are huge chunks of people who dont vote, this in...
  20. Re: David Cameron: It's time for a zero tolerance approach to street crime

    Unfortunately the people rioting gave this to the government on a silver platter...if they were are protesting and holding hands and singing (for example) then the government could do nothing,...
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