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    Re: Was I Abducted Last Night, And Why?

    This video, on the subject of Abductions and NDE's, may be of interest. It's a short dialogue between McKenna and Ken Ring, shot during the International Transpersonal Conference held in Prague, June...
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    Re: Melbourne meetup.......

    Hi Cjay,

    I leave for Tasmania tomorrow (later today..) so I won't be around on Sunday. I hope all the effort you go to with keeping these meetings going isn't in vain...
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    Re: is this happening to you too

    I've had these experiences very strongly too; especially that feeling of having no time and so many things to do (both short and long term).

    Addressing the thread more generally, the past two...
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    Re: Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

    I wonder the same.

    And thanks for the link ktlight, I'm tempted to get my uncle on board. He has terrible chronic back pain from years of manual labour and a bad car accident - it'd be great if...
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    Re: Spiritual Retreat

    Maybe somewhere with a few of these guys about?
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    Re: David Icke in Australia 2011

    Thoughts and feelings from anyone who attended one of his shows...?
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    Re: Update on large Crocodile

    More depressing animal news...:(

    I don't understand the benefit of posting such threads at PA...


    :blink: What's funny about a huge old croc being captured and tied to some trolley...
  8. Re: Discouraged, taking a break from the bickering, chastising etc...

    Huge thanks for that post right there - I agree with all you've said whole-heartedly. Speaking in generalities, my brief journey sounds almost identical to yours and I think you summed it up...
  9. Re: The mists of Avalon...? (The case of Edward Alexander)


    I know EA denies it, but based on what the mods (Ilie, Paul) have mentioned regarding AdSense and other money-generating website functions, I think Edward's representation of himself was...
  10. Re: The light of life -you want FREE light in your house watch this...........

    Well that's a pretty neat idea, though I'm not sure of its practicality.

    (First of all, my education and 'experience' should be thought of as process engineering (heat+mass transfer, mechanical...
  11. Re: The mists of Avalon...?

    Thanks. That's the kind of intel I was after to flesh out the reason for permanent bannage. I figured the mods would be onto something like that.

    I realised he was linking his website a lot -...
  12. Re: The mists of Avalon...?

    I think that's a brilliant idea(!), and while not a bad place (in contrast) to voice the suggestion, it is off-topic in this thread and I reckon you should start a new thread about it in Forum...
  13. Re: The mists of Avalon...?

    Mild pre-disclaimer, as a sign of respect and appreciation for hospitality: I realise the moderators have a difficult job and kindly volunteer their service, so I don't wish to join in any...
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    Sticky: Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

    Thanks. I started exploring during my lunch break; will pursue it later on too.


    Yeah I read about that a fair while ago, it was one of the first pieces I read on this topic - it's a...
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    Sticky: Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

    I must say: In a somewhat casual manner, I've become very interested in the activity of the Sun and I intuitively know it's very relevant and important to trends in human consciousness and behaviour...
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    Re: Obsessed and Scientific

    Wow. Gotta hear that one!
  17. Re: Born into a secret Bloodline Order - How I got introduced to the world of Occulti

    Sierra (and others),

    I think you're misinterpreting the term Grand Master and Edward's claim of it. Grand Master is the title given to the supreme head of the Order - a title which, as Edward...
  18. Re: Vegans - are plants sentient life forms too?

    There’s some very interesting information in the opening post of this thread which is incredibly useful for people to know; however I feel it’s been presented in an awful way… I think it’s a shame,...
  19. Re: Born into a secret Bloodline Order - How I got introduced to the world of Occulti

    Edward, your take on hypnosis, the role of the third eye (pineal) and the human body in general doesn’t resonate with me.

    You posed the question:

    Could the purpose of hypnosis not be as part...
  20. Re: I had an overwhelming urge to say ..................

    Overwhelming urges are the best(!); especially when you act upon them!

    I'm glad to hear you've found solace at PA. Cheers to you too!
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