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    Re: A Graceful Death

    It would be good to be able to prepare for death, and to die while conscious. Then just after passing, being aware enough to choose the path you take in the after life. The concern here is not to...
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    Re: Autologous Stem Cells

    I have benefited from water fasts, having done atleast two 7 day water only fasts and a continuous 1 day a week water fast, all during the past 5 years. My initial reason for fasting was to reduce...
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    Re: Any recent ET abductions?

    I recall being abducted within the past 2 years, when I awoke on a slab with a bluish grey jabbing my leg (man, that hurt!). This was followed by what I conjecture to be a milab a few weeks later. ...
  4. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    RAND corp is a CFR and trilat comm mouthpiece that fear mongers to wring military spending money out of the US Congress. Any extravagant claim on defense weakness should be taken with a huge grain...
  5. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    I don't believe that Iran could successfully take on the USA. The b2 bomber, the f22 + f35 fighters would make short order of Iran's defenses and offensive capabilities.

    The real prospect that...
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    Re: How human are we....?

    I think that we can affect the treatment of animals and nature, and other people, by the choices we make in our daily lives. By choosing to become vegetarian a few years ago, I hit several targets...
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    Re: A Better Bucket List

    My bucket wishlist is pretty simple: peace in the world, prosperity in the world, no more wars, no more bombing, no more murders. When I wish for myself it's for good health and financial security...
  8. Re: Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

    Hasn't this whole 'royalty' shtick run out its usefulness? At one time, perhaps people needed to believe that someone was more important than them, someone 'special', worth even dying for. But...
  9. Re: The real reasons the US government is so secretive about UFOs

    The article in the OP, although it hints at the American military's having ufo technology and may be trying to back engineer it, as by 'doubtfully' name-dropping a reference to Bob Lazar, the author...
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    Re: The Mystery Of The Baghdad Battery

    The credibility of this tale in the OP is a bit of a problem when apparently multiple 'baghdad battery' types have been found (see that mentioned in article in link). It was not a time traveller...
  11. Intermittent Fasting has multiple health benefits

    As a stroke survivor, I have experienced that the following is true.

    Time for many to usher in the New Year pledging to adopt new habits as a commitment to personal health. For fitness buffs...
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    Re: Teleporting keys?

    I understand that teleporting keys may have been a manifestation conjured by the participants involved. However, some of the other incidents reported by posters in this thread seem to be a bit...
  13. Re: New Steven Greer video (Dec 2019) on Free Energy and Future technology

    Nikola Tesla Secret for free energy. Phone charger

    Hi Frankstein, I tried the links provided for details on 'how to do' this free energy circuit and they all came back with...
  14. Re: 'Tic Tac' UFO incident (2004 US Navy sighting) again profiled in MSM

    Funny, Carlson seems a bit 'flummoxed' by the fact that the media in general has not been covering this story now that the military has finally admitted that ufo's exist (and that they defy the known...
  15. 'Tic Tac' UFO incident (2004 US Navy sighting) again profiled in MSM

    This ufo sighting by a us navy pilot, has again been given high profile coverage in the mainstream media. This story is obviously being pushed to make the subject matter more prevalent in the 'white...
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    Re: Remarkable Dream on Timelines

    These are such thoughtful posts. Thanks to all for such meaningful and heartfelt writings! Very interesting indeed.

    I have heard that all time is happening simultaneously, and that, combined...
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    Remarkable Dream on Timelines

    I am not much of a clairvoyant, perhaps in small part an empath, and have had the occasional brush with a gray or ufo, however, deep inciteful dreams only occur to me on the odd occasion. So I felt...
  18. Re: USAF Secretary & Congressman want to Declassify Secret Space Programs

    "In fact, this sequence of events is stunning confirmation that Space Force is being used as a means for declassifying key elements of a USAF secret space program that possesses advanced propulsion...
  19. Re: New Steven Greer video (Dec 2019) on Free Energy and Future technology

    Who has the nerve to anonymously plop the design for a working zero point energy generator onto the internet? That is the question...
  20. Re: UK Election... 12 Dec 2019: Corbyn, Boris, or Libs

    Hi Viking, I can't tell you how you should vote. If I were a British citizen, I would consider the main issue for this election is brexit. To me, I think Britain would be better off out of the EU...
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