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  1. Re: CE5: Contact Has Begun (new Steven Greer documentary)

    That could be true. Another possibility is that the CE5 Protocols contain an inherent selection bias (he's only requesting engagement with positively inclined beings), skewing the data sample of ETs...
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    Re: Interdimensional and Extraterrestrial

    I'm broadly agreeing with your earlier point re: J.V and G.C on the problem of defining very narrow baskets to put our bread in, and just offering my way of seeing it.

    The interesting paradox in...
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    Re: Interdimensional and Extraterrestrial

    Thank you: it's a fascinating question that the alternative community have attempted to develop sensible nomenclature for over the decades. My personal suspicion is that, using Earth as an...
  4. Re: Does Sgt Penniston's Rendlesham contact and binary download tell us of the ETs' nature?

    I hope you don't consider it rude to respond to a question with a question, but: would one letter from a human individual (or even group of individuals) convey the nature of humanity to anyone of ET...
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    Panpsychism in the Academic Community

    Monism is the view that fundamental reality is made of one kind of "stuff" - that is there is only kind of thing that the universe/world is fundamentally comprised of.

    Panpsychism is the view that...
  6. Re: Using Remote Viewing to Predict the Stock Market

    Thank you for raising an incredibly fruitful conversation, OP - one which becomes evermore pertinent as time goes by.

    I'm undecided which metaphysical basket I favour to house these issues, but I...
  7. Re: Tom DeLonge, TTSA and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?

    Agreed that scepticism is a good default position until we see some evidence. In my view, this smells like a highly managed black state focus group posing as a public interest corporation.
  8. Re: Tom DeLonge, TTSA and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?

    Interesting to note the language in Delonge's closing statement of the presentation

    Intimating to the audience that we're being given an opportunity that we only have...
  9. Re: Scientists Discover 'Invisible Shield' Around Earth, Baffled At How It Formed!

    This was an interesting main-stream revelation in modern physics. I found it particularly interesting because it instantly reminded me of a conversation PC had with David Wilcock a few years ago...
  10. Re: Gang Stalking of Softkill Researchers -- Extinction Level Events in the Lab?

    Apologies for massively bumping this thread, but until now I've been unable to find anyone willing to talk about M.E this reasonably in the 'alternative community'. I too have suffered with M.E for...
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