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  1. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    Loads of info, even more to digest, lol...

    I'd like to comment on the new thing, the coming Ice age. Remember the Acid Rain hoax?

    But first...

    No need for panic Herve, water hasn't gone...
  2. Re: Sound Healing and its benefits, by Embraced Sound Healing.

    Apparently there is a group of People working to that purpose for real.

    Articles in link below (for the ones interested) are in Dutch, when one scrolls down they are also in English. I have taken...
  3. Re: Sound Healing and its benefits, by Embraced Sound Healing.

    Thanks a mill for your reply... No doubt it'll prove useful.

    My entire (personal) research is based on vibration/frequencial technology, from propulsion up to and beyond medical purposes, for me...
  4. Re: Sound Healing and its benefits, by Embraced Sound Healing.

    Interesting, I am currently concepting a machine (<--- read device) for this very purpose.

    Below are some of the frequencies I have been able to find on the net, perhaps you might have some...
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    Re: A Puzzle with Birds

    Pictures... (for investigative purposes).

    Yes, ^ a Cat... Perhaps the little rascal needs a new place to stay at and is leaving you gifts in preparation of the move into your territory. You...
  6. Re: What That Tiny, Pointy-Headed Skeleton Really Is

    It's fascinating really, not that they would have released anything "anomalous" anyway, still. When you read the article they mention those 3 fingered ones found, never bought that one, not surprised...
  7. Poll: Re: Do humans need faster communication methods and continued space exploration?

    When you look at what the so called Elite tries to push forward, I cannot say I do not disagree with you.

    June last year there was an article about the US having a Space Warfare branch......
  8. Re: 'Cosmic Disclosure's EMERY SMITH is a hoaxer.


  9. Re: 'Cosmic Disclosure's EMERY SMITH is a hoaxer.

    (Mr. Ryan) Bill, you have been there (those caves). Have you seen that stone outside which Stan Hall is photographed with? There has been a lot of talk about this being part of a larger setup (a...
  10. Re: Prophecy, 9-11 and the end of the artificial timeline.

    New Earth has some nice docu's, I don't agree with Her theory (explanation) on many things though, although, I do agree with the comments on the "Parrots", lol...

    Concerning Fomenko, more or less...
  11. Re: Prophecy, 9-11 and the end of the artificial timeline.

    Base code of the Barcode is read by a computer who would basically xfer it into 0-1 language. All the transactions on Earth used to go into this one computer at the end, it had a nickname, "the...
  12. Re: Prophecy, 9-11 and the end of the artificial timeline.

    Depends what it is you want out of 666. Number of the Beast some will call it, Beast system more likely. Simply the current economic system in which we live and where everything is "filed" under base...
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    Re: Weird Sh*t I've seen as a Marine

    Was at G2 division back in Bosnia some 25 years ago, at some stage during my tour a recon team found some strange spiderweb white substance at a remote mountainous area hanging from the trees....
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    Re: Weird voicemail left on cell phone

    04 29 33 96 42 30

    Also recurring numbers in Calculations of Nautical Astronomy. Perhaps someone with a little more knowledge of that might be able to see some pattern emerge in relation to the...
  15. Re: Alien abductions: is it possible that we're all deceived?

    Just entertain the following alternative for a moment and think about it.

    What if they come in through the Pineal Gland? They would not need physically be present to make the "subject" suffer...
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    Re: Bentinho Massaro: NEW AGE CULT LEADER

    I'd like to call it "false hysteria", it's an (engineered) pre-sign of what they are trying to accomplish.

    What they do is come up with a concept, this concept must be accepted by certain masses,...
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    Re: Yahoo, FB, YT All seem Hacked.

    I did a Google search on this and every hit regards updating Firefox, so I take it that's what you're using?

    If you can do it, try uninstalling Firefox completely and then download/install the...
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    Yahoo, FB, YT All seem Hacked.

    This morning I am seeing site by site being "Hacked" or at least are not coming up anymore...

    They all give the following message:

    Anyone else having these troubles?

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    Re: Mad Scientist Stills Topic.

    A/2017 U1 (Oumuamua) filter vid (the one which came from outside Sol and left).



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    Re: Mad Scientist Stills Topic.

    As long as there is a source in which information can travel, iow light & energy, you can get results. My approach is not the same as Sander's approach though.

    I did a quickie on some internet...
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