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  1. Re: 14 Turkish navy ships 'still missing' after failed coup

    Hadn't heard of it. Where would all those naval destroyers go. i hope Netanyahu hasn'made a back deal. He said Turkey and Israel would become closer.
  2. Re: KickassTorrents down: Feds have seized domains and arrested owner

    Care must be used if they/feds installed address tracking cookies on the streamers that follow.
  3. Re: The Cosmic Predators - a Question for Avalonians

    "Apocrypha of James?" I'm about to embark on researching this today, in search of our Creator's will at this time(His day of rest and praise) See if the people back then, were suffering our same...
  4. Re: The Most Miraculous Blessing...or Monumental Curse! What would you do!?

    I think that the people that hit the lotto spend time around the family, knowing they've gotten a blessing and if they deem them trust worthy, will share. Sometimes friends are "associates, someone...
  5. Re: The Declassified 28 Pages on 9/11 Are Here

    I think with all the global truth seekers on their tail, they've been pumping fear throught hte attacks and trying to distract until they can infiltrate all of us, but there are too many that are...
  6. Re: What Is This Weird Creature With Wings In This Jar?

    Ladies and gentleman, you see before you, "the mythical Faery."
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    Re: Newbie to "old knowledge"

    It is a big pill/matrix to swallow, but swallow we must.:silent::inlove: the truths right before our eyes all this time and the intent of those who keep it secret through fear of deth or harm to...
  8. Re: Top Secret CIA Documents Now Available Online

    I clicked on the text/titles, then magnified for the record number by the titles. Yes, very interesting. Love that magnifier.:highfive:
  9. Re: Top Secret CIA Documents Now Available Online

    Maybe it's public "viewing" only like our library and you can right click for a copy, of the exact one you wish to view? I put it in fav to play around w/later. I'll view and read it in public...
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    Re: Overwhelming Emotion

    Heart opening to stuff going on around you. We're told stay strong, keep a stiff upper lip as our world, families, governments, cities and nations are crumbling, but if you are awake and aware, like...
  11. Re: Secret NORAD Runic Files Released by Disclosure advocate Victor Vigianni

    Time to take it around the nation in 7minutes.
    Take it viral and network it. The more that know, the more we grow and wake up. Time to take it to 21.0!
  12. Re: Wrecked Jet Stream Now Runs From Pole To Pole

    Starting to get those "Jupiter-ish wind patterns that we see from a distance. Will a giant hurricane also occupy our atmosphere permantly? They are totally ruining this wonderful blue ball of life....
  13. Re: Earth's Plumbing System Renovations?

    Could be "ring of fire undersea volcanic activity or terra-forming?
  14. Off-Topic split From: Earth's Plumbing System Renovations?

    It's "the corporate people" installing pipes that suck the public water sheds nationally dry. Same stuff the global companies did in other "non-developed nations, they will do here. Just ask Africa...
  15. Re: Do You Fear An Upcoming Apocalypse or NWO Too? Or Is My Root Chakra Broken?

    It is a bit overwhelming and why some fear or choose to go back to sleep, because they just can't believe what others have repeatedly seen decade and century after century. Come up for air, breathe,...
  16. Re: Do You Fear An Upcoming Apocalypse or NWO Too? Or Is My Root Chakra Broken?

    No. They can't kill you but "once", but you can send them back to the hell they work for while your here through exposal/exposure.:sun: A simple focus of a "bright light shining on their crimes,...
  17. Re: Bernie Was Right: Leaked Docs Show the DNC Did Want Clinton From the Start

    This paper and those sites are loaded w/spy cookies. I just ran the morning scan closed it out clicked on the link to the newspaper sites and bam, my virus protection stars kicking in. I had to...
  18. Re: Why would UFOs be interested in chemtrails?

    Not to mention, many fear mongered asleep individuals are armed to the teeth and this nanny gov might feel an inability to prevent a galactic or planetary war using nukes. If they see it, they will...
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    Re: Hunted for Their Body Parts

    Social network of shame seems to be the answer.
    I did my "linkDrop" and networking through FB, Twitter, e-mail forward. he more that know, the sooner it stops.
  20. Re: Matt Damon MIT Commencement Speech June 3 2016

    Truthful and beautifully said. No more deserving generation to solve so many problems. WE must ensure a firm foundation to make a way for their ideas to soar. I made my mind up long ago about...
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