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  1. Re: Gregory Joseph Hallett, the real "king" of England. Explosive Stuff!

    Man, who'd want to be the king of England?
  2. Re: The true and lost history of the Tuth De Dian people

    Aoibhghaire, your information is very interesting. Of particular interest is the referencing of the migration of the Tuath de Daan in the Vedic records. However, in some of the Dark Journalist...
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    Re: Imminent Disclosure Finally?

    As far as I can tell, 'disclosure' of an unexplained presence in the world has already happened multiple times in the west, and here are a few instances:

    a) Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure in May...
  4. Re: Madagascar President Calling on African Countries to Dump the WHO

    It sounds like there's more to this story. The president of madagascar is apparently a doctor and he claims that the world health org tried to bribe him:

    "WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison...
  5. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    I hope everyone is not losing sight of the fact that the covid-19 disease presence is not actually a pandemic, only 2‰ of those who get it get seriously ill and even the vast majority of those are...
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    Re: Manchester : The Night of the Bang

    That sounds logical, Norman. I recall that a fugitive who came to Wendell Stevens claimed to be on the run from Area 51/S4 and he had been in the military and used on occasion as a hit man, and on...
  7. NASA announces international Artemis Accords to standardize Moon Exploration

    NASA appears to trying to taking a peaceful co-operative approach to the further exploration of the moon, announcing these accords. Russia sounds a bit skeptical. China hasnt made its view clear. ...
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    Re: Manchester : The Night of the Bang

    Anyone who perpetrates a false flag event should be locked up. I'd suggest worse things be done to them but those would violate moral law.

    I think Richard is an excellent investigative...
  9. Re: Retired French astrophysicist : close links between the UFO phenomenon and science

    Very interesting video, Jean-Luc. I believe that Dr. Petit corroborates the design specs of the TR-3B which was released by Edgar Fouche in the 1990s. As per the following Wikipedia quote, the...
  10. Re: 21st Space Wing Commander Found Dead In His Home

    The 21 Air Wing is a major operation, having deployment in over a dozen places world wide. It'd be interesting to know everything that they are really involved with:

    "The 21st Space Wing is...
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    Scamdenic: Global Health Care Mafia

    This vid does an excellent analysis of the corrupt interconnectedness of world 'health' advisory bodies and various foundations and UN groups that incestuously produce recommendations to advisory...
  12. Re: Imperial College London antigen test for COVID-19

    A friend posted an article on Facebook, which I am now unable to retrieve, which said that the NHS had admitted that some of the testing kits for covid-19 that they had received were infected with...
  13. Thread: Victory Day

    by Justplain

    Re: Victory Day

    Hi Masha, I and anyone who is honest about the situation, realize that the victory in WW2 was in large part due to the incredible price the soviet people paid. It is totally unfair, and quite...
  14. Thread: Victory Day

    by Justplain

    Re: Victory Day

    The USSR suffered horrendous losses in WW2. I know that almost every Russian family lost most of their adult men in that conflict. The tide turned in that conflict with three major events:

  15. Re: PLANDEMIC Part 1: Virologist Dr Judy Mikovits Speaks Out

    The original link I had to this OP video on YouTube has been removed as it 'violates YouTube's community standards'. Standards of sensorship in favour of criminal fascists that is.
  16. Re: Nasa: Something Massive Is Being Monitored Above Our Planet

    On a clear night a year ago near midland Ontario, on a camping trip, looking up into the sky with a small set of binoculars, one could see several small moving lights that slowly scampered across,...
  17. Re: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a US Senate candidate who's a Covid-19 skeptic

    I know it is difficult to deal with some of Dr. Shiva's rhetoric if you have heroes in the alt truth movement. Unfortunately we know from research that the cabal effectively uses 'controlled...
  18. Re: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a US Senate candidate who's a Covid-19 skeptic

    Here's Dr. Shiva's response to RF Kennedy junior's accusations:
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    Re: Pentagon did release UFO videos

    There should be some perspective put here in that a siloed section of the military, likely international and globalist corporate in nature, have a secret space program that has tech well beyond our...
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    Re: FBI Residency Offices

    Shaberon, can you please clarify what this means? It sounds like you work for the fbi.
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