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  1. Re: Imagine A Real "Sanctuary Country" for Millions of Conspiracy Researchers!

    If there is any country that meets those standards it would be Bhutan or Sikkim. Places within countries exist. The peoples who live on the west side of the Gobi and hunt with golden eagles would...
  2. Re: Ever Wonder Why, Bill Clinton Has Not Been Investigated For His 26 Lolita Express Trips?

    From the Q drops it appears that the Barr DOJ (Durham) is going after the Clintons through the nefarious activities of the Clinton Foundation. That is the most provable angle. No doubt the plane...
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    Re: Gary Larson (The Far Side) - Legend.

    I miss his cartoons and his unique perspective. Supposedly he is now drawing new comics for view by subscription only. Anyone heard of this?
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    Re: What is today's greatest threat to humanity?

    The greatest threat to humanity today comes from outside the solar system. And, AFAIK, no one knows anything about it. Or, more typically, the powers that be know and are not saying anything.
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    Re: Would God really send people to hell....

    Pam - you never know when Grace will come calling. Whether you're 6 or 86, should Grace come to you and you awaken you will know immediately that hell is a figament of the imagination. An imagination...
  6. Re: Official counterintelligence. (Bad Russia)

    I don't trust or believe anything spewed by that rag of a newspaper known as the NY Times. Pure globalist propaganda. They also play the globalist game of the red herring. Look here as we do not want...
  7. Re: Greg Hallett - Anyone heard of or researched this guy's claims...?

    His is the only site I have observed that had a separate heading labeled "sabotage".
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    Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    This is very spooky. Neon's GAB feed said today that the virus infecting Iran is different than the one in China. Gulp. They did say it mutates.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    To Ron - I would not buy any...
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    Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    This is from the for what it's worth file. I saw this posted today on Neon Revolt's GAB feed. From an insider who knows well placed people.
    Takeaways I can remember:
    1. The virus is expected to...
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    Re: US Politics - All Things Pete Buttigieg

    Neon Revolt has run some good info on Pete. The Iowa app has Pete's fingerprints all over it. And the DNC, which means Hillary. The app was largely paid for by the Polhad family. Now there's a duesy...
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    I am reminded of that great quote by Mark Twain -

    "If you don't read the newspapers you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed."

    The more things change the more they...
  12. Re: Why ARE USA children so ill? Is it planned? Is it too late to turn around?

    I have read that it is the combination of adjuvants in different vaccines that, combined, form much illness in the body.
    Here is an astounding article brought to my attention by Joseph Farrell, from...
  13. Thread: Tulsi Gabbard

    by enigma3

    Re: Tulsi Gabbard

    Did you know she is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? That gives me pause.
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    Re: Excalibur: the Mythical Sword of Scientology

    If survival is the key, then why is there empathy that will induce a person to give up their life to save another? Is that another 5% anomaly/outlier?

    Did Hubbard elucidate what it takes to...
  15. Re: Two Presidential Candidates That Stand No Chance of Winning Have Spent $250 Million

    Bloomberg has no prayer. Steyer has bought his way into the next debate, as I understand. Seems the Dems make their own rules up as they go along.

    Tune in to Neon Revolt today and listen to a...
  16. Re: FBI Releases Nikola Tesla Documents That Were Seized And Hidden For Decades!

    If we could look into the inner most files at DARPA we would find much of Tesla's writings. From where I sit, no one has ever seen the inner worlds of invention like Tesla. He would be one of the...
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    Re: The Incredible Shrinking Overton Window

    From what I see, the Overton window is related to the idea that, usually, the most centrist candidate wins. So the discussions become what the mainstream population wants. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie...
  18. Re: USAF Secretary & Congressman want to Declassify Secret Space Programs

    I thought the message was, if you post a vid, include a synopsis. Good message. So please, Bill Ryan, include a synopsis with the Dark Journalist vid. Thanks.

    From Bill: thanks, and...
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    This is exactly what the Republicans want. Swamp draining is now in full on drain mode. It is hard to fathom the Dems falling for this, but Adam Shiff is not the brightest bulb in the house. I am...
  20. Re: What China Found on the Moon (Richard Hoagland research)

    Richard Hoagland is one of my favorites. Somewhere on his site is a publicity photo of the Chinese moon expedition where the Chinese describe wanting to further investigate the glass domes on the...
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